The Eurostar Specials

Those posts I did for the Channel Tunnel and Eurostar anniversaries!

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Tunnels have been proposed under the English Channel (La Manche) for many years and there were in fact many attempts to build one. Some projects did get to construct tunnels that went partially under the channel, however the sheer scale of the task proved to be a stumbling block. It took more than a hundred and fifty years before one was even successfully built! This, the ‘Chunnel’ (or Le tunnel sous la Manche) was opened by the Queen and the President of France on 6th May 1994.

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An extra commemorative post for the 25th anniversary of the Chunnel! I thought I’d go along to St. Pancras and see what was happening. Had sort of expected there might be something about the 25th anniversary of the tunnel but there wasn’t – unless something had been missed earlier. I should think when the 14th November comes round, Eurostar will have their go at celebrating 25 years of services. Today was really the day for Eurotunnel/Le Shuttle’s 25th anniversary celebrations!

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Eurostar has now reached its quarter century. It does not seem that long ago that services began! This is the latest of a number of posts on the 25th anniversary of the Eurostar/Channel Tunnel services – and there are a couple more to be published! Just to recap the very first passenger carrying train (a special Class 313) to traverse the Chunnel was on 10 December 1993 whilst the Channel Tunnel was officially opened by The Queen in May 1994. It would however be another six months before the new terminal at Waterloo International opened to the public and the cross-channel Eurostar services could begin.

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This is quite a bespoke subject as pictures of any special liveried Eurostars are quite rare, there haven’t been that many. The best known was of course the Da Vinci train which ran from London to Cannes non-stop on 17th May 2006, setting a world record for the longest non-stop international train journey.