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The Marble Arch Hill (or Mound), located at the western end of London’s famous Oxford Street, is becoming more interesting! In addition to a shop and a souvenir arcade, there will be an arts installation! It was always assumed that some sort of exhibition space would be provided, but the specifics were only revealed a few days ago. Lightfield is an interactive display created by W1 Curates that consists of cubes simulating the root structure of a forest. These form a large canvas which light can dance and follow visitors as they walk through the exhibition. The exhibition will complement the other attractions such as information displays and stalls offering food or souvenirs.

DSC 0217 - Lightfield at Marble Arch

London’s newest vantage point is certainly growing! The tall structure at the top is the headhouse for the lift’s electrical gear.

lightfieldexample - Lightfield at Marble Arch

How the Lightfield concept could look. This is a screencap from the City of Westminster’s video uploaded to You Tube.

Westminster City Council who are the main instigators of the Marble Arch Mound project (designed by MVRDV a Dutch company based in Rotterdam) have just announced the details of the exhibition to be held within the structure, and this is to be known as Lightfield. The panel below explains it briefly.

lightfieldpanel - Lightfield at Marble Arch

Explanatory panel on the Lightfield concept. Source: OSD London

Some may wonder where exactly the exhibition will be held at the Marble Arch Mound. It certainly will be within the structure as the plans have always provided for a large hall or atrium as part of the project.

DSC 0190 - Lightfield at Marble Arch

The atrium area within the Marble Arch Mound. I’ve taken many pictures of this section as it progressed – these are the most recent where a hard standing of sorts is being laid down. The lift is just visible at right.

The exhibition space will no doubt be where this large airy atrium (if it can be called that) within the hill or mound itself is being constructed. Its sort of H shaped with the main bit running north to south, the accessible lift and main internal stairs being at the top (northern) end of the structure. If this is to be the main exhibition space its probably likely the shops or stalls or whatever they are to be called will be at the north and southern ends of this atrium. People will no doubt find out when the mound does open in just over two weeks time – 26th July 2021 being the current envisaged opening date.

DSC 0203 - Lightfield at Marble Arch

A view of the atrium section looking north. I assume its possible the cafe/shops/retail will be set within the smaller atrium areas to the sides of the main section, so for example there could be a cafe sited lengthwise from left to right at the southern end of the atrium as my picture shows.

For those who are interested, Marble Arch Mound is where tickets can be booked for visits. It’ll be open from July 2021 to January 2022.

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