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Crossrail’s Newham wall upsets the locals
The Newham trackside wall, a fund of £1 million and every intent of covering every bit of this 2km so ...
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Thomas Telford in detail (2)
This is the second part of the feature on Thomas Telford's achievements. The first part of this feature uses colour ...
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2001 A Space Odyssey tweets #2
The second part of my 2018 anniversary posts on 2001 A Space Odyssey - three whole years late! Actually this ...
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2001 A Space Odyssey tweets
There are loads of tweets on 2001: A Space Odyssey. They're not all easy to find - putting them on ...
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Acton Main Line & West Ealing opened
Most will be aware these stations either side of Ealing Broadway were completed very recently, Acton Main Line a couple ...
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Policing – a perpetually problematic issue
The Met Police clearly have read the room wrongly and they're not the only police force to achieve this highly ...
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Thomas Telford in detail
This isn't some anatomical write-up on the composition of Thomas Telford's body! Rather its a relatively unknown painting that commemorates ...
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Bakerloo Line gets new humps!
This is about Harrington humps on the Bakerloo Line for the first time. One might think to themselves 'have TfL ...
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Which is better? Hidden London or Secret Vault?
Hidden London Hangouts or Secret Vault? That is the question! In terms of London's underground system, which is better? It ...
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SpaceX match cut
Kubrick's famous 2001 match cut inspired me to make this. When I watched the broadcast from the SN10 launch I ...
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