needlemissile - Should people be in...doc...trin...ated?

Should people be indoctrinated oops I meant inoculated! In all reasonableness they should especially if its something that’s life saving. Take for example the current pandemic. But why are we being hypocrites?

There’s a huge paradox to all this. Humanity on the whole isn’t life saving. Wars have cost million and millions of lives. And that’s only a start. We’re destroying things on practically every level of existence.

We don’t say there’s going to be a war thus suggest to everyone affected ‘Let’s all get immunised against it.’ There’s a war currently going on yet we’re not seeing anyone being given the chance to be immunised to protect themselves from it. Or even being given a democratic choice to opt out of the wholesale destruction that is going on. And most definitely no sort of democratic choice to opt out of aggressions of any sort that may be exercised. In fact no-one can be immunised against war. Yet it too is life threatening. The only sort of ‘immunisation’ possible is perhaps hiding deep deep down in a nuclear bunker….

War is like COVID coming armed with nukes. Its very nasty. It doesn’t make one cough or have breathing difficulties. It practically eviscerates bodies. And it isn’t democratic in any way or form. Not by a long shot. (Pun intended.)

Its why many conscientious objectors were locked up. Can’t have people objecting to the war machine!

‘Bread not bombs!’ That’s how it should be – alas humans are seemingly bred to bomb & kill others….

On yet another level, the fact is that any kind of being inoculated against war should too be like getting immunised against the depraves and despots who want their outposts in other peoples’ heads, retrogrades who desire the death of others for what ever nefarious reasons might come to mind, and insidious overbearing creeps who want others to bend to their iron will. There’s in fact a long list of things we should be inoculated against!

We don’t ask people to be immunised against ideology yet we are driving many insidious and suspect ideologies on every conceivable level and in every political format that we jockey as being the very answers to our strife. You see politicians are there only to showboat their ever so peculiar ideas of how the world ought to work. They’re not there to improve it. They’re not going to ensure that people are immunised against war. Most will practically preserve the ‘right’ for some perverse overseer in an important political position to be able to, at the stroke of a signature or a button, wipe out countless numbers or force millions to suffer in abject poverty.

Nearly every major country has the capability for war and armed conflict yet we’re panicking and running all over the place due to a certain virus that has dominated our lives this past year and half. Its bizarre. Why are we not panicking and ensuring that we are much better prepared for a future that has no military, armouries, nukes or any sort of capability to kill en-masse?

The whole irony of this is upon one push of that red nuclear button we’ll have solved the COVID crisis at a stroke! One big ‘inoculation’ for the entire population, no questions asked!

(Probably no-one alive after to ask what the fuck went wrong….)

We’re murderers of nature. We’re raping nature on a scale unprecedented. Yet we deem we own it. In essence we have declared war on nature much in the same way that we declare war on others. David Attenborough very recently said humans are the big problem. We’ve not merited our existence in any way or form, thus nature probably hopes we wipe ourselves totally off the planet and the sooner the better.

Even with the COVID crisis we are accelerating the plastics problem exponentially. You see, we think we have the means to cure, to stop ills and the rest of it. Yet when nature declares war upon us we panic like a bunch of cry babies pointing at everything – except the very problem that is the factor in all of this – ourselves. We want to exist because COVID provides a threat otherwise to our lives, yet on the other hand it seems we don’t want to exist (surprise, surprise) because warfare and killing is such a major part of the human psyche. As Sigmund Freud once pointed out its something called Thantos. The death drive.

Nature in fact will get further ahead than us. In life and in death. In sickness and in health. If we somehow survive we will be all the poorer for it.

Note: This article was written for entertainment purposes. Please don’t get upset about it in any way or form.

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