variablyhockney - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

David Hockney has launched his latest commission which is for TfL. It was exhibited electronically at Piccadilly Circus tube station for the first time on 10th May 2021 but officially launched on 11th May. However a lot of people, even centrist and left leaning ones, were somewhat aghast that this particular work should have even been allowed. Many found it offensive to struggling artists because the publicity would have been useful and there was a lot of comments that any five or eight year old kid could have done better than this.

The artwork is actually part of the Mayor’s campaign to raise the profile of London’s tourism, and encourage tourism, back to levels that haven’t been seen since the COVID crisis began. Its also been launched as a run up to a major work being exhibited by Hockney at the nearby Royal Academy later in the summer. The artwork is known as Hockney Circus

I’ve featured some of the responses to Hockney’s work some of which are funny. No doubt many thought such a poor effort at least merited a dozen or more other examples. The concern behind the artwork was that many saw it as crappy and the money paid in commission to Hockney was outrageous. However the fact as it stands is that Hockney did it for free.

Nevertheless many still thought the effort wasted. A man ‘fucking about on his iPad for two minutes’ as one Tweet put it. Quite a few highly esteemed accounts (politicians, celebrities, leading people, bankers etc) were surprisingly very negative about this latest artwork from David Hockney. It seemed somehow as if a raw nerve had been touched….

It does bring into question what art is once again. In terms of the eighties and nineties stuff such as skips full of rubbish and other objects, is this genuine art or a vain effort? Is an artwork that took, say two minutes on a iPad real art? Especially if its then emailed to TfL and they can simply launch it electronically. Clearly people think there’s no effort involved and its a sop at those artists who put a lot of thought and effort into their work.

I even created a simple Variably style roundel in about ten minutes and its the feature image at the top of this page. I’m not quick at doing graphics but it wasn’t too much of an effort in fact (though I admit I used written fonts as I haven’t got a touchpad or a pen tablet.) No surprise others are doing the same – anyone can do it, not just Hockney!

Press release from the Mayor of London on Hockney Circus and the aims of the GLA’s new £7m campaign to encourage tourism back to London.

And now for something completely different – variations (some offered for free) upon Hockney’s magnus opus:

E1LEBnJX0AAcnVq?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

LetsBarelyBother #LetsDoLondon #DavidHockney. Source: Twitter

E1K tSZWUAE79s5?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

You did this didn’t you. Source: Twitter

E1M6P hXMAcFKnN?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Felt like something was missing… Source: Twitter

E1Hokk0XsAYWf7H?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Honoured to be given the chance to design new signage for Russell Square tube station as part of the #LetsDoLondon campaign. these handsome roundels will be going into place very shortly. Source: Twitter

E1IgCHuXIAYfwrE?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Hockney. Source: Twitter

E1IZk68WEAoAcAV?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Introducing the brand new Masquette logo. Source: Twitter

E1Ij nTX0AAfa2 ?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Dear Mayor of London. How much will you pay me for doing this? It took me ten mins. Source: Twitter

E1IOIG6WEAcPri8?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

#LetsDoLondon #BanPavementParking #PavementsForPeople Source: Twitter

E1IFzmMXsAAE1Zl?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Hey @SadiqKhan how about this one? Do you like it? #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #StopSilvertownTunnel #SilvertownTunnel. Source: Twitter

E1IQhuYWQAM A a?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

What a load of Rhubarb (& Custard)… Source: Twitter

E1H imoWUAMEWTZ?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

New Sonic the Hedgehog game looks sick. Source: Twitter

E1H9RxwXsAEbCtr?format=jpg&name=900x900 - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

On me. Gratis. Source: Twitter

E1H9BPSXEAMPO30?format=png&name=900x900 - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

It’s ok everyone. Fixed it. Source: Twitter (akaCount Binface!)

E1HsWU6XMAI59nq?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Soapy Titwank. Source: Twitter

E1HiXKiX0AErUWM?format=png&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Lester Square. Source: Twitter

E1Hq9UsX0AsZMS9?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Pissatakey £. Source: Twitter

E1Hw7WzWYA0ykSg?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

You can have this one for free! Source: Twitter

E1HwyjgWUAEj QB?format=png&name=900x900 - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

You think that’s good…wait till you get a load of Paddington! Source: Twitter

E1HpFSXWEAEAdsP?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Looking forward to the new signs at Waterloo Station. Source: Twitter

E1HshZ8WEAIHM8X?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

What a pisstake. Source: Twitter

E1H3hHvWYAI2wn ?format=jpg&name=900x900 - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

Y’all really paid some rich white man for this shit? Source: Twitter

E1Hu3O7XMAkPwby?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

I preferred his original draft. Source: Twitter

E1HmXhDWUAcVLFU?format=jpg&name=medium - Everyone hates Hockney's latest 'art'

That’ll be £700,000 thanks. Source: Twitter

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