infinite9 - 2001 A Space Odyssey tweets #2

The second part of my 2018 anniversary posts on 2001 A Space Odyssey – three whole years late! Actually this and the first part were held over simply because there were far too many posts I had done on the film… The first part of 2018 from January to March saw a huge number of tweets no doubt due to the 50th anniversary of the film and these are reflected here. Its amazing to think three years has now passed since that very anniversary – and Kubrick’s film has now entered a 53rd year since it was first premiered. Roll on the 100th anniversary of the film – and when we may finally see colonies based on the moon! Of course (and most predictably too) they will find a monolith that’s been buried deep on the moon for millions of years….

All these tweets below are from January to April 2018, being the date of the anniversary itself. As I have said before, some of these tweets may load slow because of the need to call up a wide range of data collated over a considerable length of time and render fully.

January 2018

The next tweet I really liked because it at least confirmed when 2001 was first shown on UK TV. The third image in the segment of four in fact confirmed the date of the first ever UK TV showing which I remember watching. I had always thought it was a year or so earlier but was wrong for the transmission occurred on 1st January 1982. The BBC broadcast 2001 in its full width screen presentation. Stanley Kubrick was most displeased this had been done instead of an accepted letterbox version which would have cut out parts of the film. No doubt matters such as this is due to copyright issues. I think all transmissions after were done in the format that is the usual on TV.

February 2018

March 2018

I like this one (below) wryly claiming 2001 was directed by Monsieur Hulot. The person on the right does indeed look like Hulot, who was played by Jacques Tati.

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