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There are loads of tweets on 2001: A Space Odyssey. They’re not all easy to find – putting them on one page saves a lot of hassle! These tweets, many with rare pictures from the film, are being done in two parts due to the number of entries! The first part of 2018 saw a huge number of tweets no doubt due to the 50th anniversary of the film. This and the second part of the instalment were originally compiled in January, February and March 2018 for the 50th anniversary of the film. I wrote many posts for that special 2018 anniversary & some were held over to 2019 & even 2020 as I didn’t want my blog to be seen as a dedicated 2001 work! Thus this post is technically four years late!

The sections covered are: May 2012 – Dec 2017 and January – April 2018.

This can sometimes be slow loading because its a whole host of tweets, many not even related, and not from the same timelines either, going back almost ten years and I don’t think Twitter’s servers ‘expect’ such a batch of tweets to have to be dispensed!

One other thing is this was originally going to be in three parts however with the closure of some accounts and suspension of others, I was able to whittle down the surviving tweets into just two posts. The second post will follow in a couple of days.

There’s also another post that I did back in 2018 covering a different perspective on 2001 A Space Odyssey – and again its comprised of specially selected tweets. Maybe that will be published in 2022! That’s technically a fifth year of special 2001 posts!







Continued in Part Two

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