spacexbone - SpaceX match cut

Kubrick’s famous 2001 match cut inspired me to make this. When I watched the broadcast from the SN10 launch I thought the scenes of SN10 descending in free fall was evocative of the scenes in 2001. I’m sure many thought of that too but didn’t bother because its somewhat of a hassle to do. Indeed its not that easy because of the different aspect rations of the two movies from Stanley Kubrick and SpaceX, also I’m certain the whole thing would look better in a somewhat slower motion. Despite my amateurish video skills I tried anyway and after several attempts this is the result. Yep I know the two videos ratios still don’t quite match (as well as being further to one side of the frame than the other) but hey I’m sure I’ll learn where I went wrong on that!

Some other things I loved about the SN8, SN9 and SN10 high altitude tests was the amount of steampunkt evident especially during the flip and free fall descent stages. At times it felt like the whole thing was a classic evocation of the early science fiction writers, you know, things being steam driven and bursts of steam had to be depicted in some of these early writings in order to convey a impression these contrivances were actually working. Anyhow SN8 and SN10 were the better performers in terms of steampunkt – the steam being the fuel tanks stabilising under pressure as the rockets performed their flips and turns. In the case of the SN10 flight other smoke could too be seen – according to Musk that was likely helium which ultimately caused the raptor engines to power down, and further the hard landing that arose as a result of this low thrust damaged SN10’s tanks and leaked methane which contributed towards’ the rocket’s RUD.

spacexsn8a - SpaceX match cut

SN8 performs a steam test!

spacexsn8b - SpaceX match cut

SN8 gets all steamed up!

spacexsn10b - SpaceX match cut

SN10 puts on a great show of steam!

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