bryantlake01 - Minneapolis drone fly-through!

Amazing drone-footage taken in a Twin Cities bowling alley! If you haven’t seen this you haven’t lived! This innovative footage was shot by Rally Studios/Sky Candy who have also done a series of equally daring shoots featuring various venues with sheer split second timing that it defies belief. This latest is perhaps the most defying of all to date and it includes shots through very narrow gaps and among bowling alley machinery, as well as scenes of people bowling on the lanes, the bar, plus people drinking and celebrating. The video, entitled ‘Right up Our Alley’ went viral almost the instant it was released three days ago and has been wowing people all over the world.

Lake Street in Minneapolis has suffered badly because of the COVID, not only that it too was one of the epicentres of the huge protests that followed the brutal murder of George Floyd, which saw many buildings damaged or burnt to the ground. The drone footage isn’t commercial in any way but rather a help-out for the community. The footage has garnered benefits too for both the bowling alley in terms of increased publicity and patronage and Sky Candy who have had approaches from several top movie directors requesting the services of such capable drone operators.

Jay Christensen, the person who flew the drone said ‘It’s been a tough year for Lake Street, and not just because of COVID. All the buildings that were burned made me really think that if there was a day where Bryant Lake Bowl wasn’t here, that’d be a bummer for sure. So if we can help out with the shot and be creative in the meantime, I think it’s a win-win all around.’ In terms of the drone action Christensen says flying through from the lanes to the machinery room at the rear was one of the hardest parts of the filming. ‘All morning I was stressed about it. Like that’s going to be a hard move. And I ended up going 15-for-15 on that, including practice. I never crashed once on that move….’ He did however tell the Daily Mail ‘I’d say the hardest was coming in that front door to start just because it was windy outside and trying to coordinate with our people outside.’ The whole project took just over a week to organise and the fly through took ten or so attempts to achieve. One thing I didn’t know was there was music and dialogue on the video as Christensen revealed, however that aspect of the video was done post production.

Here’s the full drone footage, totally unedited of course!

The footage begins with an aerial shot of the venue and ends in one of the machines that sorts the bowling pins at the rear of the alley itself.

bryantlake02 - Minneapolis drone fly-through!

The drone flies at something like 15mph through the premises – and this is the first of the lanes we see as it comes through the doors.

Fox interview with the creators of the Bryant Lake Bowl drone footage.

bryantlake03 - Minneapolis drone fly-through!

A fly through the bowling alley’s workshops!

Another presentation and interview with the people involved in the footage’s creation from Minneapolis broadcaster Kare 11.

bryantlake04 - Minneapolis drone fly-through!

A fly-under through the legs of Mike Welsh, the guy who owns Sky Candy, the company that sponsored the video.

Here’s some Twitter comments from famous people in the cinema:

James Gunn has indicated Guardians of the Galaxy is being shot on London later in 2021 and he wants Sky Candy to come and work with him!

Here’s Sky Candy’s video channel featuring some of the other drone footage by Jay Christensen.

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