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How shall I begin this…? A special post on the Isle of Wight railways was written in conjunction with the introduction of the ‘new’ Class 484s to the Island. For that I trawled through quite a number of old railway magazines going back thirty or forty years and picking out images that I thought might be of use.

One of those happened to be an image showing a Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin working top and tailed by a pair of 02 tanks. The operation was neccesary because single line working was in force and since the track layout on the pier itself was being remodelled, there was no way a locomotive could run round its train at the Esplanade.

geoffvideoislewight - That Geoff M Isle of Wight video...

The start of the video where he is introducing the Class 483s on Ryde Pier.

I thought this image was of great interest as it showed the coffee pots placed along the formation (but without conductor rails) yet the old track arrangement that was used under steam days was still in place, so this was one of those examples of the old order on the Island before the line closed completely on 31st December 1966.

With these images I enhanced and corrected various defects as well as upscaled these and then uploaded them to the blog. I of course put next to these pictures where they had been originally sourced from but as always I do some tweaks to ensure that its my own work in upscaling them and not someone else’s doing.

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The picture as depicted on Geoff’s Isle of Wight video. It can be seen here. Compare with the image shown below.

Just before Xmas I happened to watch Geoff Marshall’s new video on the last days of the Class 483s (1938 tube stock) and when it came to Geoff Marshall saying he was going to show some pictures that would be of interest, the first of these happened to be the one I had done specially for my blog. But nowhere in the credits did it mention my blog at all. It did credit others (eg Richard Griffin – a Metropolitan train driver) for additional photos.

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Richard & Martin acknowledged but not my blog!

I queried Geoff Marshall twice on this and received no sort of reply. However with some support from others and Richard Griffin himself a reply was garnered from Geoff. In due course, as the screencap below shows, a link and acknowledgement was provided.

geoffmarshallislewightvideo2 - That Geoff M Isle of Wight video...

My third message to Geoff (supported by others too who including Richard who messaged Geoff too and that helped enormously.) I got a reply on 5th January 2021.

Below is how the video page looks now. It has my blog added as an acknowledgement. Yes I prefer my pages dark (because the white background does hurt my eyes.)

geoffmarshallislewightvideo - That Geoff M Isle of Wight video...

Anyway the following is an explanation of how the image came to be on my blog in the first place – and in fact the very first time its been seen on the Internet:

I scanned several magazines for possible images of the Isle of Wight rail system and one of those was the image in question – it was from Steam World for 1991:

DSC 0550 - That Geoff M Isle of Wight video...

The immediate and most important aspect of this image is how I cropped the image and how that was cropped exactly the same way on that particular video. Clearly it had come from no other source, not even from the magazine in question itself! Here’s my copy of the magazine cover and the page the photograph was on. I of course used my hands to indicate that its mine and that the picture came from nowhere else but here and I had specially prepared it for use on my blog.

DSC 0549 - That Geoff M Isle of Wight video...

I didn’t want to scan the pages again and assert ‘that’s where it came from’ (especially as I hadn’t done the cover) because of the incredulity I have had from some quarters – so what I did was I photographed the pages with at least part of my hands showing and the pages curled up because I was holding them, so people would know I wasn’t faking these images. As one will see I tidied up the picture, colour enhanced it and then cropped it. And of course I referenced the fact it came from a magazine published back in 1991!

island line jamboree 2020 12 28 - That Geoff M Isle of Wight video...

The image as featured on my Island Line Jamboree page.

At least after some effort Geoff replied as we saw earlier and the video now acknowledges my blog as the origin of that image. I know its not exactly my own image but its the fact I sourced it from my own collection and upscaled it, cleaned it up, its through my efforts that its even on the Internet anyway!

Geoff Marshall – The Last 1938 Tube Trains on the Isle of Wight

(Note: This post was updated in the light of the responses by Geoff.)

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