DSC 0459fi - Longest London tube videos #2

The second part of the London Underground longest drivers eye videos. I know ‘long’ in terms of the UK is anything but because the UK doesn’t do these like for example when we can get seven hour long examples for Europe and elsewhere. The fact the UK so very positively revels in shorter length videos (generally around an hour for the tube and no more than two and a bit for the main line) is very disappointing especially because I discovered the UK’s longest Driver’s Eye video (four and half hours) and featured it on my posts in the summer of 2020 – the person who posted it promptly went and deleted it and others were deleted too upon pressure from officious rail managers.

Remember if any videos get deleted from here or my other UK features, I shall put in big letters on my long rail videos posts (featuring Europe, the World) posts about the backwardness of the UK railway philosophy as the next paragraph explains (which was originally written for the first post on London’s Underground Lines…)

And the reason I would do that is because I spent time compiling these videos and writing material and its not easy for me because of my disability. If any of these videos in future get deleted en masse I shall as a result delete the posts too and there will only be those videos featuring Europe and the rest of the world – and I shall explain in each of those remaining posts in big letters why that is. Britain is going backwards and its railway/tube/transport culture is too! The railway companies and TfL are no different as I have noted when it comes to staff discriminating against me despite the apparent notion of ‘equality’ and ‘disability access.’ Real progress in this country is anything but – and frequently its non existent. I have absolutely no time for backwardness, or retrograde ideas of any sort and that includes drivers eye videos being withdrawn just becos some rail bods don’t like these….

Anyway its on with the LU show…

Metropolitan Line (continued)

I bet you thought I’d forgot the Metropolitan’s Watford north curve from Rickmansworth! Not in a million years! The next video indeed shows that route southbound from the cab of an empty A stock working to Watford – however the quality isn’t too great.

This next one is a bonus. Its a driver’s eye view of the Metropolitan in 1910. It features the electrified lines to Uxbridge and the non electrified route from Harrow to Aylesbury. Electrification did reach Rickmansworth by 1925 and Amersham by 1960.

Baker Street to Aylesbury in 1910 – 15m

Northern Line:

There was following was originally a VHS production by Video 125. It depicts (edited of course) much of the view from the front of the train between Edgware and Morden via Bank. Its not what I would have liked – a continual driver’s eye view as it too has lineside and platform side shots included.

This next one is more a complete driver’s eye over the same route. There are some edits but its still a good attempt.

High Barnet to Morden via Bank is featured too.

And even Mill Hill East to Morden via Bank.

Who could forget the depot trip! Its only three minutes but its a must! There was another from the platforms to the depot but it may have been deleted.

Leaving Morden depot via the ‘car wash’ to enter service 3m

I like the next one because the person doing the filming can be seen in the train window’s reflection for a minute or two lol! That soon dawns on them and the cab light is switched off.

Kennington (Charing Cross branch) to High Barnet 48 minutes.

Kennington (Charing Cross branch) to Edgware 39 minutes.

Piccadilly Line:

Cockfosters to Hatton Cross 1 hr 10m.

Heathrow Central to Cockfosters 1hr 19m.

I include this next one because its a rare movement direct from High Street Kensington to Northfields. These were occasional moves rather like those to West Kensington and Ealing Broadway too. It soon will be no longer possible to do this because of the new CBTC system. The Four Lines Modernisation has taken a considerable step back because of many factors including the corona pandemic and the next stages wont be introduced until 2021. Even the extent of the other pending future stages is uncertain – for example its reported the SMA12 upgrade for the Wimbledon branch of the District has been dropped.

Acton Town to Uxbridge 32 minutes.

Victoria Line:

The Victoria is a great tube line – however its route really isn’t very variable. There’s a trip to the depot though!

Walthamstow to Brixton 29 minutes.

A Trip to Northumberland Park depot in 2011 – 13m

Waterloo & City Line:

Finally its London’s newest member of the tube system – the Waterloo and City Line!

Computer says no driver’s eye videos on that one. So sorry about that! Just joking – there is one and its shown below! If you’re not familiar with the line its quite a twisty route. The 1992 tube stock manages those reverse curves better but the older Southern built trains lurched wildly through these curves and could in fact make one feel rather sick. Something we all miss!

Bank to Waterloo 3m

Any Underground Line:

Well sort of! This is the Metropolitan, Piccadilly and District Lines combined as the preserved 1938 stock unit takes a trip from Amersham to Ealing Common via Harrow and Rayners Lane.

Amersham to Ealing Common 56m.

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