SAM 0886 - PlayStation on the tube!

PlayStation comes to London’s Underground! Its only a forty-eight hour stint but has so far attracted a lot of attention in its first 24 hours! The advertising campaign is to publicise the launch of PlayStation’s PS5.

The Verge said of PlayStation’s latest venture:

It’s surprising to see such a big marketing effort during a national lockdown in England, though. Most Londoners are working from home or avoiding the city as part of national restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus, so many won’t get to see the PlayStation shapes. The Sony rebranding comes just a day before tomorrow’s launch of the PS5 in the UK.

It surprised me too however judging by the huge output that has been garnered on social media, its clear the campaign has achieved a lot in its first 24 hours despite the fact many will not even be able to visit Oxford Circus or the other tube stations that are part of this brief advertising campaign.

The great thing about PlayStation’s advertising has to be the tube roundels outside Oxford Circus station. There are four of these and were made by A. J. Wells, who makes practically all of TfL’s signs and roundels.

It may not be that well known but Oxford Circus tube station normally only has three roundel signs thus the fourth (the red tube roundel) was an extra bonus! Although the fourth roundel looks exactly like a tube roundel there’s a minor difference however as the PlayStation one is slightly thinner. As some will no doubt realise the four roundels each represent the four button symbols as seen on the PlayStation controller’s console.

EnGYVTWXEAE0gbP?format=jpg - PlayStation on the tube!

The staff at A. J. Well with the PlayStation symbols made for Oxford Circus tube. Source: Twitter

The campaign for this actually began well over a year ago and its taken this long to get it underway. In a way that long term planning probably explains why it was being launched at a rather difficult time. PlayStation’s Neal McCann, who is their marketing campaigner, thought up the notion of tube stations taking up the themes of PlayStation’s latest, thus dutifully following a trend that has gained even more credence in recent years as TfL seeks ways to bolster its income in the light of its government grant being cut and the rest of it.

EnGU2r6W4AAerUw?format=jpg&name=medium - PlayStation on the tube!

Contractors putting up the Playstation signs. Source: Twitter

DSC 4051 - PlayStation on the tube!

The PlayStation roundel on the north side of Oxford Street – a present to London possibly?

DSC 4015 - PlayStation on the tube!

The beauty of it all is the other roundel on the north side of Oxford Street is the green triangle!

DSC 4035 - PlayStation on the tube!

By the south east corner of Oxford Circus is the blue cross roundel sign.

DSC 4059 - PlayStation on the tube!

And on the south west corner of Oxford Circus is the square purple roundel sign!

DSC 4063 - PlayStation on the tube!

The square roundel sign is slap bang in front of Microsoft’s store!

When I saw how the purple square sign was sited right outside the Microsoft store (and how people were saying it was a violation against the Redmond giant) I cheered because I had in fact been a victim of discrimination at the Microsoft store on its opening day – and I had written a post on them. They shat on me so 1) I took the post down and 2) PlayStation shat on MS so I celebrated that! The Microsoft staff and security are absolute shit in terms of disability understanding and I wouldn’t give them an inch if they were to try walking past me….

Its not just PlayStation that can be seen at the entrance to Oxford Circus tube. Its symbols can also be seen in the corridors and platforms down below!

DSC 4087 - PlayStation on the tube!

PlayStation on the southbound Bakerloo platform.

SAM 0888 - PlayStation on the tube!

Another PlayStation on the southbound Bakerloo platform.

SAM 0886 - PlayStation on the tube!

PlayStation on the southbound Victoria Line platform.

Both the Bakerloo and Central platforms were essentially the same in terms of their PlayStation presentations and the same for the northbound Victoria Line platform – however the southbound Victoria platform was presented completely differently and that is because both Victoria Line platforms are of a totally different design.

DSC 4089 - PlayStation on the tube!

The Central Line’s eastbound platform with one of the PlayStation signs visible at left.

DSC 4095 - PlayStation on the tube!

Central Line’s westbound PlayStation signs.

DSC 4100 - PlayStation on the tube!

The large route diagrams sited in the main passageway from the Central platforms to the northbound Bakerloo/Victoria platforms too had PlayStation symbols!

DSC 4105 - PlayStation on the tube!

PlayStation on the Bakerloo route map.

DSC 4106 - PlayStation on the tube!

PlayStation on the Victoria route map.

Other stations have been renamed as part of the PlayStation campaign and these reflect different elements of PlayStation’s games. Here’s Seven Sisters….

EnIURcOXcAccp2Y?format=jpg&name=medium - PlayStation on the tube!

The Victoria Line station is Gran Turismo 7 Sisters! Source: Twitter

EnHmNNYXIAEa1Fj?format=jpg&name=medium - PlayStation on the tube!

Mile End becomes Miles End! Source: Twitter

EnHmNN9XEAAhqUX?format=jpg&name=medium - PlayStation on the tube!

West Ham becomes Horizon Forbidden West Ham. Source: Twitter

EnHgJfYUwAEFm7U?format=jpg&name=medium - PlayStation on the tube!

Lancaster Gate becomes Ratchet & Clankaster Gate! Source: Twitter

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