trumploseshshit - Trump loses his shit

Finally he’s been unseated after four years of nothing but total fucking embarrassment to the whole world. Even in the final moments he continued losing his shit by throwing all the toys out of his pram. He couldn’t even put on big boy pants that were large enough for him to admit defeat and congratulate Biden and Harris as the President and Vice President elects! No – he wanted to stomp the floor like mad, cry his eyes out and claim all the votes were illegal or some sorta cheating went on behind the scenes. Finally its happened and he’s going… going… gone!

unpresidented 1024x172 - Trump loses his shit

Love how this comes together! The initials are FUT – Fuck U Trump! And he got unpresidented!

DJT has to be the nuttiest, most bizarre President ever to come onto the world’s stage. But even nutty would be too kind a description for this abject specimen of a so called statesman. He was an absolute state of a man, a total fucking joke and a nightmare for the USA! His predecessor, Barack Obama, had been a huge difference, a new trend, a new light for the States, a beacon of hope for the future and for equality. Obama had a hard job in view of his racial origins – but he showed Blacks could do the job as excellently as all the white predecessors before him. In fact he was better than others. And then this, the Trump era was like a return to the dark ages. If Donald was somehow trying to be a character out of Monty Python – the My Brain Hurts Guy perhaps – well he fucking failed. A dismal figure who perpetuated four years of world-wide embarrassment! As many people on social media say, Trump was nothing but a lunatic manchild….

Turns out America may as well not have bothered having a Government of any sort between 2016 and 2020!

EmJ62h0W0AE3VHo?format=jpg&name=medium - Trump loses his shit

Joe Biden does the rite thing. ‘Trump, you’re fired!’ Source: Twitter

Those four years we’ve had the Preshitdent of the USA residing in what could only be described as a place where idiocy was celebrated to such an extent politicians were practically going around with their thumbs up their anuses, licking the shit off their thumbs and then pretending nothing of the sort was happening. The only time their hands were free was when fingers were used to point out journalists and call them ‘fake news’ or go as far as telling certain journalists to shut up. One could only describe that as a peculiar activity of the Turd Right.

But that didn’t stop the Trump campaign from trying to stop ballot counts or whatever… it seems they thumbed up any old shit and flung that in the direction of the various places where crucial key votes were being counted…

EmA2DsKXIAohpa3dm - Trump loses his shit

A liar and cheat until the bitter end… the Daily Mirror’s quite spot on with its front page! Source: Twitter

The considerably drawn out Presidential election finally got called about 16.40pm on 7 November 2020. Biden become President-Elect with 284 seats ahead of Trump’s measly 214… Yet shortly before that very moment the plainly fake POTUS tweeted ‘I WON THIS ELECTION. BY A LOT!’

trumpwonlot - Trump loses his shit

And Twitter called him out for it!

‘Official sources may not have called the race when this was Tweeted.’

‘This claim about election fraud is disputed.’

Of course thousands pointed out how he was wrong, but none so clear as the Tweet above which informed Trump he had lost.

EmO 19XXMAE81hS?format=jpg&name=small - Trump loses his shit

Biden leads with more than 50% of the votes. Source: Twitter

And someone else’s a sore loser! That’s our failed anger management guy!

Hooray for Greta who turned the tables on Trump’s accusations against her!

Later on Trump was still tweeting that he won the election – even hours after Joe Biden had won the election! What a bullshitter!

EmQqTiAW8AA9Tov?format=jpg&name=medium - Trump loses his shit

Its not just the thumbs that’s covered in shit! Source: Twitter

Finally the world can sigh a heave of relief and the Oval office can once again be properly be the home of a REAL President. Kim must have laughed all the way to the nuclear bunker when he saw just how crazy Trump actually was!

EmPKCqxUYAAsEwC?format=jpg - Trump loses his shit

No longer the craziest says Kim! Source: Twitter

**The Trumps were so busy accusing others of various kinds of shite jobs that they failed to spot their own! This happens to be a website the had set up for the purposes of this particular Presidential campaign! The idea was to try and encourage people to get to know how they could support the Trump campaign…

The website – invited people to register their interest for Trump. It didn’t last long. It soon showed an error page… Request blocked blah blah….

trumpwebsite 1024x56 - Trump loses his shit

The website went down at the end of October 2020 according to the Internet Archive. The last known version seen on 30th October is here. It seemed no-one bothered to make sure it was still up and running this last seven days of the election campaign! Source: Internet Archive

Clearly the Trump campaign had no sense of any sort in tending to its own backyard – it simply lashed out at others instead!

EmMZdtBVcAEYNVT?format=jpg&name=medium - Trump loses his shit

Its ‘me’ versus ‘US.’ That one person against the US is a very big loser! Source: Twitter

As for the next set of pictures, I don’t know how people get these – maybe they have a time machine or something? Discovered a wormhole? Who knows! But here’s some very important photographs showing us what happens in January 2021 when the said incumbent refuses to leave the White House….

And you can see he has some severe anger management problems. In fact he loses his shit!

EmPAz5XW8AEu1eb 1024x576 - Trump loses his shit

The eviction from the White House begins! Source: Twitter

EmP 6X7W8AYYAaX?format=jpg&name=medium - Trump loses his shit

Resistance is futile. Out you go Trump! Don’t bother coming back! Source: Twitter

Some may well say – what about that tie? How could it change colour in the space of a few minutes? Same as the change of security guys…? Well my only explanation is that something bizarre happened, some quirk or paradox (the multiverse perhaps…) occurred whilst the photos were spirited back in time! Or maybe the photographer actually witnessed two different branches occurring in the multiverse and didn’t think to connect these? Evidently the universe was making sure all the eventualities of Trump’s eviction were being covered – even though there would only be one real, actual, event in process…

**Trump, its goodbye. You’re nothing but a big loser!**

And finally…
EmP7OxwVgAA XRQ?format=jpg&name=medium - Trump loses his shit

The good news is the White House opens under new management in January 2021! Source: Twitter

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T Steedman

Lets just hope that now we have someone who has compassion to lead this wealthy but sadly led country, a person who wishes to heal the divide, and to work for all, not just the rich crafty and devious. Lets hope he can try to stop the apparent imbalance of the police force, and the fact that they seem to be able to murder black people without any justice revailing? We need a GREAT USA, led by such a man, certainly not a self centred biggot, or a man that doesn’t seem to know the meaning of truth, and trust, and most definitely honesty. Sadly there are some other senior leaders of other countries (I think you will know who I mean) are acting in a very similar unconstitutional way, except that fortunately their political systems make it less easy to get away with it? I also believe that some nations would never ever elect such an individual, at least I hope not. Lets all try to put the last four years to one side in the hope that this country can do good not only for themselves but the less affluent of countries. The USA has an immense role to play in world politics.