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At London’s Waterloo station during the second part of this week there was a miniature landscape model advocating the many picturesque locations in America’s Sunshine State, colloquially known as ‘Minifornia’, and extolling the British to take road trips there. The landscape model has now gone back to ‘Minifornia’ – where it was originally made. Yesterday was the last day of its showing on the course at the main line station and these pictures were taken in the last hour or so of the exhibition. And next, its some photographs of…

A virtual tour through Minifornia!

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British Airways flight from ye olde Albion about to land at Los Angeles International Airport, Minifornia.

I passed through Waterloo three time this week but didn’t have time to take any photographs of Minifornia. I saw it very briefly in passing but that was about as much as I could manage. On the last day I made a special trip – essentially a miniaturised trip to Minifornia! It was actually rather more than a miniature trip – but I hope you’ll get the gist!

DSC 0019 - Minifornia

No matter where one drives in terms of epic road experiences, one’s bound to discover Fresno, Minifornia!

Designed and built by an A-list team of Hollywood set builders, the model includes hand-carved replicas of the state’s jaw-dropping scenery and magnificent natural structures, such as El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, the snow-covered slopes of Mammoth Mountain and the mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs. Viewers will also recognise… the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory and even miniature surfers catching waves in Venice Beach. Passersby will be transported… through an arresting, tactile and novel combination of old-world craftsmanship with the latest in today’s tech, as the cars drive around the roads without the use of tracks. Source: Visit Minifornia

DSC 0037 - Minifornia

Its great fun watching the dolphins and whales of Minifornia at play.

The exhibition in question is a 20 foot long model which was built at Vision Scenery’s premises at Sylmar, about 30 km north of Los Angeles in Minifornia – where else would that be? Vision Scenery’s website describes the company, besides studio props and sets, as experts too in building architectural models.

DSC 0056 - Minifornia

Hollywood – where most of Minifornia’s films are made.

The display was built by a mix of people with various skills, clearly some of the buildings are to scale proportions, but the overall concept isn’t at any particular scale. Its said ‘Minifornia’ was built in about three months with a core team of about 12 on it, supplemented by up to 25 others when required.

DSC 0076 - Minifornia

Minifornia’s Bay Area. Oakland City Hall at top left and the Golden Gate bridge with Alcatraz Island near the centre.

The whole set up packages into three quite large boxes. This is borne by the necessity the boxes need to fit into the cargo bays of the planes being used for transit. The overall frame is stainless steel. It takes five to six hours to fully set up the model.

DSC 0163 - Minifornia

Point Arena Lighthouse, Minifornia.

The remote controlled models (the trucks, the motorhomes, the buses) they all run on a home made guidance system. Its in some ways similar to Scalextric except its a passive guidance system. There’s no mains power, the vehicles are battery powered. The metal strip is beneath the surface of the road and the models use a magnet to guide themselves along.

DSC 0029 - Minifornia

The Chandelier Tree in Drive-Thru Tree Park, Minifornia. Watch out! Big Foot’s hiding at the side of the tree!

The model vehicles have built-in cameras to record their run along Minifornia’s roads. What people see on the screens and the headsets are recordings, not live transmissions. The reason for that being was too technically complex to build live recording into the system. There is also the question of space/weight and a peep at the control room showed it was quite large without this extra stuff.

DSC 0059 - Minifornia

San Francisco – one of the bigger cities in Minifornia. Its famous 1932 Coit Tower can be seen.

As well as representatives of Minifornia’s Road Trip Republic, a British Airways representative was also in attendance at the exhibition to assist anyone anyone wishing to book a holiday to The Sunshine State itself.

(Unfortunately this very unusual bout of tourism publicity quite possibly came at the wrong time as over the next few weeks, months even, it seems travel will be a problem because of the coronavirus epidemic.)

DSC 0149 - Minifornia

St. George Reef Light, North West Seal Rock. Minifornia.

‘Minifornia’ was paid for by the state’s tourist agency and the Road Trip Republic and the aim is to generate interest in tourism to this particular part of the USA.

DSC 0050 - Minifornia

San Diego and the Coronado bridge, with balloons hovering in the distant mountains of the Capitan Grande Reservation, #MINIFORNIA. (I kid ye not, its what those big letters in the background say!)

Waterloo station was the first ever outing for the miniature model landscape, but there are further visits planned in the future. It will be back in the UK during July 2020, this time to Somerset.

And now for something a bit real…..

DSC 0152 - Minifornia

Minifornia’s control room. All the vehicles are charged here, their videos downloaded, processed, uploaded to servers whilst computers control the layout and displays.

DSC 0167 - Minifornia

The guy at left is really from ‘Minifornia!’ There’s two reps from across the pond overseeing the display at Waterloo station. The rest of the staff here who were involved were mere Brits helping out the three days the innovative landscape display was on show. The smart and pleasant air hostess represents the UK airline which will fly you from cheery old Brexitland to ‘Minifornia!’

DSC 0095 - Minifornia

For those who really do want to go to ‘Minifornia,’ here’s the right website where all the details of the Sunshine State its attractions and more can be found! And here’s the page for the roadtrips.