DSC 8916fi - London landmarks in miniature

Staff at a London store spent weeks making these miniature versions of London’s iconic buildings and these are designed to be the centrepiece of a camera display. The idea is when people come into the store and test the new cameras they can train the lenses on the different models and even if they want, zoom right into the smaller pieces, as I did too, having great fun creating some effects.

DSC 8940 - London landmarks in miniature

The store is Park Cameras just off London’s Oxford Street and the display consists of Canon’s latest products (though not the fantastic 1DX Mark III – a ‘killer’ combo dslr/mirrorless professional camera – at the time of writing everyone is still waiting for the announcements on the actual specs such as sensor size, pricing, and release date. Okay let’s just discuss this camera in brief…

Its said ‘the EOS-1D X Mark III features a brand-new AF sensor with 28 times more resolution than its predecessor’ but as has been discussed across the various forums and You Tube channels, no-one is exactly sure whether it means a classic 20.2 MP sensor plus some new algorithms, or its a larger sensor plus new algorithms. I mean the claim being made for a 28 times resolution is well, a big wow!

DSC 8126 - London landmarks in miniature

If I could even possibly afford it I would definitely have a 1 DX MkIII! Its dream on though… One person in the store did try to tell me he thought the 1DX MkIII would be out in February – but the latest on this from Photoplus in New York is the camera is actually still under development, thus a release date isn’t even on the cards at this stage….

DSC 8122 - London landmarks in miniature

Park Cameras have everything on hand to test – both dslr and mirrorless and its tempting to try all of these new cameras. The cameras around the miniature London setting are of course Canon, who have every one of their latest cameras on offer including the EOS Rs. But don’t forget the model landmarks buildings themselves! These are here to surprise people at the new cameras’ capabilities. But let’s see what I achieved – using ancient dslrs! Its not a competition its just that’s these are all I have….

DSC 8102 - London landmarks in miniature

The models were actually off the peg, they can be bought as kits and the various ones seen here were from different makers however the Park Camera staff have put this together well, including the tiny figurines and constructing what are essentially little stories around each group. Love it!

I am aware the depth of field in focus on many of these images is quite short however I was using the camera handheld. Indeed focus stacking could have been used to really make some of these images stand out great but would have required a tripod and I didn’t want to be in the way of the store staff or their customers. The zoom lenses I have also don’t have ‘macro’ capability (apart from a Tamron 70-300 which would have required a tripod too. Even that isnt true macro. Its just a sort of super zoom and somewhat front heavy when extended.)

DSC 8108 - London landmarks in miniature

Buckingham Palace. How nice it would be if we could all stroll past the palace so casually as this couple are doing…

Considering these limitations its quite challenging to do this sort of job without any professional lenses whatsoever. I imagine a ‘L’ lens would have done the job better because of their superior optics. I know I am referring to Canon here but I also mean Nikon lenses. Nikon doesn’t class their super quality lenses in the way Canon does though some are known as FL lenses (neither do they give them a white body!)

DSC 8112 - London landmarks in miniature

A different palace altogether. One that’s more for the masses – and the Queen’s happy for everyone to be on her doorstep 🙂

Another factor might be the fact I do very little macro photography. I have one old lens, a Sigma, 18-50mm, and though its not a macro lens of any sort it has an amazing close capability. I used this lens for the shots I did for the article on the Underground two pound coin. It does work fairly well but its not a true 1:1 lens of any sort. Again its a sort of hit and miss, its not the quality one would get from a much more advanced type of lens.

Meanwhile, lets look at the close up shots I did! I was quite pleased with the results though with better lenses/tripod/focus stacking they could have been even better…

DSC 8114 - London landmarks in miniature

Would this ever happen? The front of the palace is made into a lawn and people are happily playing tennis (whilst the police look on – perhaps in a fit of jealousy?)

Meanwhile, around Westminster Abbey the tourists are enjoying the sights.. but there’s lots of roadworks (and probably tube engineering works for all one knows!)

DSC 8097 - London landmarks in miniature

Enjoying the sights of Westminster Abbey (and the cyclist is taking photographs too…)

DSC 8928 - London landmarks in miniature

Just a few feet way men are lifting heavy steel beams whilst one of the workmen discusses matters with an onlooker – perhaps its a council street cleaner?

DSC 8119 - London landmarks in miniature

Bus passengers waiting at a stop & a guy sitting on the kerb – as traffic is halted to allow two of the men carrying a steel beam to cross the road safely.

DSC 8100 - London landmarks in miniature

A combined perspective of the last three images!

DSC 8930 - London landmarks in miniature

Meanwhile on private property nearby, gardeners are planting new trees.

The models were kits that can be bought off shelf – however its great the way the photo store staff arranged it so it was sort of like how London actually is – with Tower bridge at one end and Westminster Abbey at the other. There wasn’t the space to squeeze the whole of the river in though!

DSC 8117 - London landmarks in miniature

Elsewhere else in London, a woman is furiously pumping up her bike tyres.

DSC 8924 - London landmarks in miniature

Nearby a number twelve arrives at its stop – and a man and his child make a run for their bus.

DSC 8923 - London landmarks in miniature

Another bus stop – apparently on Tower Bridge Road. Think its the RV1 bus the people want. Sadly the RV1 ceased to exist in the mid summer of 2019!

DSC 8105 - London landmarks in miniature

One some spare land the guy with a beret has a bric a brac stall. People showing great interest in the various offerings. At the top a couple can be seen walking away – are they drunk or have they just pilfered something from the stall and nervously trying to hide the offending article… Who knows!

DSC 8115 - London landmarks in miniature

Better view of the bric-a-brac stall’s offerings. Old sewing machine anyone? Office desk even – or an air bed for next summer?

Although these pictures were taken with my ancient Nikon camera, its not a statement of any sort against Canon – I love Canons too and still use my 7d on a regular basis. It was just that I had my Nikon with me when I happened to venture into Park Cameras’ store.

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