DSC 0460fi - Another building in the fall

The twin Euston towers seen in rather better days….

We don’t need no HS2. We don’t need no new hotels. No stark destruction of cities. Developers leave the peoples alone….

One may think this is the end for HS2 as the Government conducts a review, but its still downsizing huge areas despite this rather big doubt creeping into its future. The same can be said for the areas around Oxford Street. Massive doubt around there as a certain rail scheme sucks in more money others could have benefited from. Yes Crossrail came though the area with a scythe and for what? A perhaps glorified new rail link to connect people faster to Heathrow airport so they can get to wherever they are going faster – and too pressurise more the impetus for a third runaway. To further the woes of many, its to be named after a monarch who doesn’t even need any single bit of help of any sort! Clearly the money is very disgustingly going to the wrong people.

In these days of XR, the environment has ‘never had it so good.’ Actually its more like so very bad. Bad with a capital. Many of these new developments and new transport schemes are nothing but a massive blight on the environment. One could say even things like Hyperloop stinks of the same contrived shit.

DSC 6338 - Another building in the fall

The Euston tower as the hoardings go up to build the new station taxi rank.

At Euston huge swathes of land has been lost and large communities turfed out. The largest buildings too are coming down. In the centre of London more large buildings are falling, notably the Wellbeck Street car park to make way for a hotel. Who needs more hotels? If people are getting there faster they obviously need less nights away not more! It is clear there is a contrived ideology coming in to play with lots of people benefiting except communities.

DSC 4436 - Another building in the fall

Welbeck Street car park in its better days.

It does not matter what, Crossrail 2, a third runaway, whatever, the environment and large communities will suffer. These new systems channel movement in certain substantial flows and benefits those who will be the winners. That most definitely wont be these communities or its local workers.

thorntonhse - Another building in the fall

Business meeting in One Euston Square. Source: Google Streets

In the above picture we see these businessmen having a meeting at One Euston Square. Grant Thornton House is visible outside the meeting room’s windows – and a building which is now almost flattened. Perhaps these businessmen were planning the demise of these very buildings as part of the grander plan for HS2? Who knows.

DSC 4487 - Another building in the fall

Shoes hanging off the Welbeck Street car park.

These shows hanging off the side of the elevator building at Welbeck Street car park can be said to signify the plight of many. Those left hanging by a thread and even massive doubt by many of these huge developments. Crossrail, Crossrail 2, HS2, third airport runway, you name it, hundreds and hundreds affected and large communities removed and their homes destroyed.

IMG 2226 - Another building in the fall

Grant Thornton house falls.

Grant Thornton house may not be the example we are looking for here, but it is important because it is telling us what is happening. It is the first huge victim in the massive HS2 project to come to an end in order to make way for that new transport system. Huge development schemes are cutting right across towns, cities, their communities and hard working people in the pretense this ‘better life,’ faster, less effort blah blah, is going to have far more benefits than the somewhat dodgy old order.

In other words a dodgy new order replaces the old!

Many communities in the centre of cities, not just London, but even in the powerhouse of the north, are unloved, and in need of substantial amounts of money. Grenfell clearly didn’t get a fair chance of any sort in this new brutalised future yet buildings are coming down at a massive rate, never mind any huge conflagrations, in order to provide for those who really don’t need these rabid hyper realities of what life should be like.

Very often the environmental footprint of all these new constructions is touted as something we should all be proud off. Crossrail, in sending more people to Heathrow, isnt any positive environmental footprint of any sort. Our minds are tricked into thinking there is a huge benefit at the end of all this pain.

IMG 2551 - Another building in the fall

Welbeck Street car park falls.

It was said Welbeck Street car park could be refurbished inside and provide more homes. No-one wanted that. A hotel was important! Even Labour councillors – of all people – voted for the hotel scheme!