DSC 0660fi - Kensington Gardens' parrots

This is a subject most others have written about before, hence its nothing new to see parrots, or in this case parakeets (the proper name for these birds,) in London. I have personally seen a number in Central London, even around Covent Garden, so they are everywhere. The parrots are a huge attraction and for a number of years hordes of people have been gathering in certain parts of London’s parks hoping to see, and feed, even have one, two or three of these birds on their hands and arms.

They are certainly an attractive bird and because they are of the parrot family, cute is the word for them. There’s thousands in London’s central parks, as well as in the capital’s other parks, on Hampstead Heath and Walthamstow Marshes. Interestingly it seems its the Grand Union, Regent’s Canal and the Lee Navigation that’s enabling them to spread their wings!

DSC 6895 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

An apple a day brings the parrot into your life!

Some people have concerns that these parakeets are a pest, but generally experts agree they do no harm. These birds are surprisingly adaptive and our colder winters do not seem to ruffle these birds feathers! Generally London is the better option for them than the countryside because at least it is generally milder in the winter and most likely why there are large concentrations in the capital.

DSC 6608 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Waiting for the next offerings to be made…

How to get there…

The best place apparently is in Kensington Gardens just a short walk from the Peter Pan statue. Here at the appointed location in the summer people will find dozens of others patiently waiting for one of these birds to swoop down onto their hands and eat nuts, seeds, or even apples.

The easiest way is by tube. Buses can be taken too, for example the 94, 148, 274 along Bayswater Road or even the 46 from North London. Kensington Gardens is a short distance (10 minutes approx) from Paddington (Circle/District Lines too) plus the buses that serve Praed Street (eg 7, 27, 36, 205.)

(Note: Bayswater Road is closed until possibly the 26th July due to ongoing works including a burst water mains and buses in the westbound direction are going via the A40/Porchester/Queensway thus the tube is perhaps best.)

DSC 6559 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Lancaster Gate Central Line is best for the parrots at Kensington Gardens.

The nearest tube station is Lancaster Gate and the entrance to Kensington Gardens is opposite. Enter the gardens and walk along the west side of the Italian Gardens, in a couple of moments or so one will come to the Peter Pan statue. The parrots can be found generally in the area to the west past the statue.

DSC 6936 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

The Peter Pan statue (at right) with the Long Water (at left) means one is almost in parrot land!

DSC 6939 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

The area just beyond this wildlife information board is where most of the parrot based activities will be found.

This is more of a pictorial than a report. It shows my atrocious photography skills at their best, and I would imagine anyone who was interested in this post would be more likely an ornithologist or someone who likes parrots. Enjoy!

DSC 6658 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Tasty morsels on top of someone’s head!

DSC 6837x - Kensington Gardens' parrots

A gathering of parroteers at the appointed venue!

DSC 6934 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Smile! You’re on Parrot-orama!

DSC 6703 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Some seeds are for sowing, other seeds are for eating. This parrot knows which these are! Definitely no horticulturist!

DSC 6824 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Nicely framed among the tree branches and leaves – and a favourite picture of mine!

DSC 6689 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Mum, dad and their siblings all having fun with the parrots!

DSC 0691 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Considering the amount of apples parrots eat each day, they’ll never need to go to the dentist!

DSC 6623 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Takes two to know one!

DSC 6633 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Is that food I spy in someone’s outstretched hand?

DSC 6927 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

This lady had a great day! This parrot sat and munched her apple for about twenty minutes and didn’t fly off suddenly like most other parrots do.

DSC 6580 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

The parrots can get through quite a few apples a day. They need loads of fuel just to keep flying about!