IMG 9646fi - The Extinction continues

Extinction Rebellion (XR) are at it again with another major demonstration in London. This time they took over the eastern part of the Strand right outside the Royal Courts of Justice. After an entire day’s stint outside the famous courts, about 4.45pm they began preparations to move off and this was in fact the smaller RCJ complement moving just a short distance down Aldwych to meet another contingent of XR people and capture Waterloo Bridge once again, although it was just for a short while.

IMG 9743 - The Extinction continues

Pink dodo, clearly to symbolise that current societies and their ways of thinking are as dead as erm… a dodo!

XR itself said they would be here all week, and they have said the same for each of the five UK cities they have occupied this week – Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds and London. There were also a number of other demonstrations around the world and in other UK towns. XR’s plans were known well in advance for example the following tweets:

IMG 9657 - The Extinction continues

Boats and dancing in the Strand.

IMG 9751 - The Extinction continues

The entrance to the eastern part of the Strand blocked off by the XR demonstrators.

As mentioned the demonstrators made their way towards Waterloo Bridge where it was occupied briefly before everyone moved on towards the camp site which has been established near Waterloo railway station as a base for the week’s protests.

D iCVTBXsAAkN4J - The Extinction continues

Waterloo Bridge. Source: Twitter

Some of the media were reporting the location as Millennial Park but that’s completely wrong there isn’t a Millennial Park its actually Millennium Green just south of Waterloo station!

The protesters captured Waterloo Road for a short while, this being the stretch right outside Waterloo station itself en route to Millennium Green.

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In Waterloo Road nearing Millennium Green. Source: Twitter

Although Extinction Rebellion had made clear their desire to use Millennium Green, Bankside Open Space Trust, the small charity who manage those gardens have said under the terms of their lease they cant allow XR to camp there and so they announced the park as being closed until Friday the 19th and put up notices to warn of this. See BOST’s statement.

XR have itself said they will camp there as these are the plans but its members will respect the ecology and environment of the park itself, leaving it clean and well looked after.

D hgdEiX4AATOm0 - The Extinction continues

Notices at Millennium Green. Source: Twitter

Here are some more pictures from the demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

IMG 9668 - The Extinction continues

There’s nothing to see here…

Wait! There is! I haven’t finished uploading my pics yet…

IMG 9691 - The Extinction continues

Back to nature guy does the rounds at the XR demonstration.

IMG 9694 1 - The Extinction continues

A very nice portrait of the same guy.

IMG 9652 - The Extinction continues

Smart looking XR guy explaining the intricacies of climate change.

IMG 9662 - The Extinction continues

Everything these days is a panopticon. Jeremy Bentham would have been so proud!

IMG 9706 - The Extinction continues

Its Swallows and Amazons in the Strand!

IMG 9731 - The Extinction continues

Its big banner, big statement time! Act now – prosecute the big guys!

IMG 9666 - The Extinction continues

This picture represents the three usual stages of the law. First its the police, second its the barrister (legal representation, defence etc, as Polly Higgins herself was) and thirdly the courts (the Royal Courts of Justice) to decide whether one is indeed guilty or not! But then there is the question of the law, who its for (in this particular case it seemingly protects those doing environmental damage and the bankers) and whether the law is actually a thing… deep analytical philosophical stuff, just as the many debates behind climate change are too!