121813123 - A non-existent post

I thought I would try my skills at something different. A post that doesn’t exist. Well it does but its not meant to if you know what I mean! If you think about it, it has no essence other than to plead its very existence by claiming it doesn’t exist… Its one to drive people away obviously but then again I am simply fed up with being a tool of oppression because of my disabilities. So I imagine people will go away and say to themselves ‘this person sucks.’ Yes I do suck because I have NO clue how to solve the abuses I get.

And that in a way is why I have been focusing on blogging…. except….

(Actually I wrote this because I am being abused once again by neighbours who think its OKAY, OKAY, to conduct abuse…)

(And I am at my wits end…)

Maybe I will delete my blog because people have no respect for me and they (these neighbours) think there is some high elevation to conducting abuse… some sort of order of the merit, an MBE, OBE perhaps? ‘We have conquered and vanquished these uncommunicative, insensitive, autistic, learning disability minority groups and we are proud to receive an MBE for our sterling work‘ (and you know what the rest of the world’s minorities will soon be following suit the way things are going.)

(And the police? They like the perpetrators because the perpetrators are abled, they have hearing, they have normal cognitive faculties and most important of all they speak, like the police. People without communication are seen as liars even though I have photos, recordings, videos AND witnesses. The police never want to see my witnesses (some of who are very credible people) or any of my evidence. It is obvious I do not have a clue in any way from A right through to Z how to tackle this unrequited abuse that has been conducted against me for years.

The police prefer the ‘testimony’ of the perpetrators to mine, because the police represent the perpetrators and everything they stand for.) The perps are very clever in that they can use faculty of speech and do exactly what they want to me and they very easily convince the police I am the perpetrator. In fact the perpetrators DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANY EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND. Just simply tell the police (with the very convenient communication system they have) that I am the perpetrator and the police suck up to them.

Anyway many of my posts take days, weeks to do. Its no easy job. I get a lot of strife from people out there – TfL especially. Recently South West Railways gave me a whole load of shit and just would not consider the fact they were doing wrong. But there you are that the problem with trying to do a blog and then essentially having to plead for one’s life even though no-one wants to understand or will understand and their brains are essentially on backwards. Its no surprise society wants war, hate crime, destruction of minorities (like mine) and the rest of it! But many cant see it.

That’s the nature of my existence. Discrimination on a constant basis and in part its why I do the blog – a means of having something to focus on instead of the shit others give me – except the most amazing thing is I get loads of shit doing this blog too. And wonder why I bother.

Perhaps I should just delete it and forget it?

Now that really would make a non-existent blog wouldn’t it? This post wouldn’t even exist.

I’m sure many abled people would love the fact that I have given up. They will have won the war against my kind of disability. Yes the types people don’t want existing.

BTW this post took me perhaps five minutes to do. If I could write my posts in such a short time I’d have loads of time on my hands – but I’m actually working 12, 14, 16 hour days just to create some of them. And a lot of the time I’m just very tired. It saps huge amounts of energy out of one’s life and then South West Trains made me quite ill. Is that acceptable especially when they insist they are doing no wrong (they simply don’t understand the concept of service provider… and threw a load of hot air at me insisting I understand what they were saying and to … just get lost.)

Now looking for a piccy to post as a header… how long will that take?

Found an images of sorts after about 25 minutes then changed it about a bit.

The non existent post is all ready to publish – along with a non-existent picture (I don’t think it represents anything except perhaps a strange inverse coloured galaxy…)

Along with some small changes, spelling checks etc, this non-existent post has so far actually taken me more than 45 minutes. But its ready to publish.

I added extra stuff after so its probably an hour, hour and half spent on this – because obviously I am distressed…

PS Saturday seems to be a day when few bother to visit my blog so it doesn’t matter this non-existent post is created on that particular day. No-one will notice obviously!

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I like your blog. Sorry that people are annoying.


Thanks for the kind comment. Thumbs up!