lightsealbdwyfi - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

For years I’ve seen the lights at Ealing Broadway station. And they are dead!
Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist – saying its time to write of them.
For long years these lights have been in oblivion. Just waiting for annihilation.

DSC 0337 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

And so it begins….

Its TfL’s own Grand Parade of Lifeless Lighting – a case of Counting Out Time before some rail contractor takes a jackhammer to these lights…

That is if they ever do.

Will it be a permanent, fossilised, defunct light display for all passengers on the tube to gawp at whilst they slowly crawl into the platforms at Ealing Broadway. Maybe while they are reposing in The Waiting Room pertaining to the usual tube delays?

All this talk of modernising the tube – its more like they’re fossilising it!

Let’s automate the fossilisation of the tube!
As soon as something becomes defunct.
Turn it to stone!

If these lights had been made to look smart and nice flower beds laid around them or something perhaps some old roundels and signs to complement and create a fascinating display that shows people in a nice way how the tube used to look that would be nice it would complement the old tube roundels in the station itself but we know TfL its ways and means are most mysterious and it prefers to cut off the wrong hand…

Those zooming past on the brand new Azumas laugh and laugh. Its Oxford to Paddington in 37 but TfL could never sort a rat’s arse of a job in that time….

The extremely dead lights gallery:

IMG 9311 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

A once smart lighting utility!

IMG 8965 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

Restriction board post with its sign missing and wires where the lamp once was. Stark compared to the new GWR cantenary!

IMG 9310 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

Many of the lamp posts once had a smart look.

IMG 8793x - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

How long like this? Those light bulbs are probably from the fifties!

IMG 5639n - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

Networker Turbo speeds past one of Ealing Broadway’s decrepit lights.

IMG 8913 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

The ultra-modern passes the ancient forms of lighting – soon the signals will be defunct – ATO is on the cards. A case of ultra-modernism and ultra fossilisation!

IMG 8742 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

Just a couple of lights still in use for speed restriction boards. Very ancient technology! A number of similar examples around the system too.

Now for the Rael real stuff….

The first time I saw these lights were probably in 1957. That’s a very long time ago – in the days of the standard tube stock plus the Q and R’s. The lights have been defunct most of that time!

The crossover between the Central and District Lines was taken out of use in 2010 according to District Dave’s. It was taken out of use end of 2014/early 2015 says TfL documents. The crossing was barely used in recent years especially after ATO came to the Central Line.

Other tube locations too have fantastic arrays of dereliction and despair – Cockfosters for example with a number of dead ground signals and 1930’s built track. But none with so many lights!

There’s nothing against this ancient stuff. If it were made to look nice and welcoming, painted, cared for and perhaps educational too, that would be great! Much better than the oft depressing attire that’s found.

They’ve even had defunct trip cock mechanisms sat on the platform for ages! Something else for passengers to gawp at…

If only someone would take the bloody lot to Acton!

IMG 8822 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

Trip cock mechanism placed on the platform for the passengers’ interest!

When was the last time the Ealing Broadway sidings were actually used? District Dave’s again, says probably around 2005 for an engineer’s train. Its said the last time any tube trains were stabled here was R stock in the 1970s. Shall we hazard a guess – 1974?

That would be about right! Probably the last time these lights were used – forty five years ago! The year the lights died down on Ealing Broadway.