tubeposter2 - Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

The second part of this series. These are all tweets not covered in the first part – and there’s plenty too. Its the result of patiently searching Twitter then copying and pasting urls into the post. You might think its an easy job, five minutes or so. Its actually very intensive work and very slow, taking hours, days, to do. That’s why barely anyone bothers doing this sort of thing especially when its about particular tweets covering one specialist subject. Compilers will embed a couple or so tweets into posts or news articles and that’s usually the most one will get!

Whilst putting together this new set of tweets the London Transport museum announced it had set up a collaboration with Google to display online around 500 of its London Transport items – including many posters. See the first tweet below. These images can be scrutinised and zoomed in great detail and its a useful addition for everyone from the mildly curious to the serious historian. There’s also specialist themes covering for example the District Line’s 150th anniversary, the Q stock, and tube maps.

Just a tip! If you are not used to the Twitter world, very often clicking on an image will bring up a large sized digital sample, not the small thumbnails seen in the tweets! Happy exploring 🙂