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You’ve all seen or heard about the Samsung Fold, which looked so fantastic at first sight, even vloggers such as Casey Neistat were totally impressed by it, but soon enough its radical new folding screen failed in multiple different ways! Samsung had to recall each and every one of the review models it sent out to different reviewers and vloggers. Then we’ve had the other examples which seemed much more promising such as the Huawei Mate X which folds in the opposite direction and doesnt even sport a subtle crease as the Fold does.

So much has happened in just four weeks since The Fold made its first appearance. Everyone is looking, waiting, anticipating, testing anything that could be better than The Fold. And now this…. the yet unamed Lenovo eleven inch folding laptop! Based on its Think Pad X1 line up, its an amazing device, it does not have any of the foibles of the other folding devices so far like subtle creases or other special magic solution to ensure the OLED screens fold properly and cause no damage. There’s no compression of the screen or compromises in how it folds. It folds just like a book!

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The Lenovo folding ‘X1.’ Source: Twitter

Lenovo says it has improved OLED durability and has none of the additional protective layers that have so far proved to be fatal to Samsung’s Fold where many peeled the additional layers off thinking it was simply screen protector! It does however have that gap the Samsung Fold has so that is something people are sort of hestitant about, but it also folds in a much superior way and without any of the special intricacies that are needed to enable Samsung’s Fold to shut completely without damaging any part of the OLED screen.

This new device is just mind blowing. It is basically the size of a touchpad yet opens out into a full sized 13.3 inch screen – one can have either the entire screen estate to watch a video, do some photograph processing or have one half as a virtual keyboard and the top half as the word processor.

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Just like a Wacom writing tablet! Source: Twitter

If one prefers it can become exactly like a Wacom writing tablet. It comes with a Wacom pen so its ready to write whatever one wants. It can also become an ebook and there are many other possibilities how it could be used. Its very light weighing just two pounds, most of which is the battery itself.

So far Lenovo is keeping tabs on what makes the device tick, yes it runs Windows, it has stereo, it has USB, but under the hood is still much of a secret and anyone’s guess, apart from the fact its Intel and the screen is a 2k OLED 4:3. The company says there will be refinements, wi-fi, SIM card slot, web cam and other necessities and is simply an early example of what could be done.

Lenovo have what seems to be the solution every one of these smart phone manufacturers has been seeking. The perfect folding device. No doubt the many new devices (The Fold, Mate X etc) will go to the wall very fast. In fact they are already obsolete because of Lenovo’s new device. Its sure to be even more of a dog eats dog scenario, except each dog is considerably hungrier than the previous one! 🙂

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Folds superbly! Much better than a Samsung Fold or a Huawei Mate X! Source: Twitter

Its being said Lenovo will be able to ship the first of these new devices around mid 2020 which is not far off, just over a year to go. In that respect we can say the traditional laptop is going to meet its end much sooner than we think. Remember those PDA’s of the late 1990s/early 2000s and how long it took for smartphones to be better than these small palm sized computers. This time its going to be fast. Its going be like there’s no tomorrow lol!

There will be a huge leap in how we use mobile technology and the advent of foldable screens is sure to accelerate the ways and means in which we use these devices. Of course it wont be quantum computing that is still a long way of yet, but Lenovo’s device is sure to radicalise how we see computing over the next couple of years.

I have chosen three You Tube videos showing the new Lenovo device… enjoy!

Video from Windows Central

Video from PC World

Video from The Verge