DSC 0044fi - Carnaby Street feels the love

London’s famous shopping street, noted for its fashion and lifestyle retailers, and of course home of the sixties pop and rock mania, is currently running a very colourful campaign known as Carnaby feels the love. The campaign actually began in February but so far few in the media (nor any London based blogs tusk tusk) have noted or written up on this campaign! The campaign is all about love – in particular, love for our planet, and the various messages and themes on this are quite evident including happiness and sustainability.

This year, over 40 shops and restaurant in London’s busy, Carnaby area have launched Carnaby Feels the Love. The initiative will run throughout 2019 and has seen outlets look at their own offering and see where they can offer an alternative that champions sustainability, community and charity initiatives. It all opens up the option for the Carnaby crowd to eat, drink and shop greener. (Source: Flux Magazine)

DSC 7746 - Carnaby Street feels the love

Carnaby Street looking from Beak Street – with its ‘Feels Love’ advertising evident.

The street is famous for having unusual displays or pop up stores of a unique nature. Before Xmas there was a Bohemian Rhapsody pop up store and it was brilliant. There was Queen memorabilia everywhere and souvenirs, not only that there was music – a piano for anyone with music ability to play on, and there were bands playing homage to Freddie Mercury and it was in fact a tie-in with the film bio-pic of his life. However this new campaign is quite different!

DSC 7732 - Carnaby Street feels the love

Carnaby Street – cool vibes only!

Most of the advertising is placed upon what are essentially empty shop fronts. They’re not all intended to be empty permanently let me tell you. Some already have clients but in the meantime the idea is to make a colourful splash of things in the traditions Carnaby Street is famous for.

Other aspects of the campaign involve the many different stores in the locality doing special themes based around sustainability and recycling and helping the environment. However for the purposes of this post I am simply focusing on the visible elements of the campaign because I like these.

DSC 7758 - Carnaby Street feels the love

Colourful displays in Kingly Court.

DSC 7753 - Carnaby Street feels the love

Side view of the Kingly Court display!

DSC 7749 - Carnaby Street feels the love

The environment needs good vibes if its to survive. Negativeness wont get us anywhere!

DSC 7767 - Carnaby Street feels the love

Wake up – be nice!

My favourite (and no doubt everyone else’s too) is this very colourful shop front intended for Benefit. I dont think its actually part of the ‘Feel the Love’ campaign, however its a must to look at!

The current Benefit store is on the corner of Carnaby and Broadwick Streets, however its clear there are plans to expand into this new location. There is work underway to fit out the premises.

DSC 7736 - Carnaby Street feels the love

The new store for Benefit in Carnaby Street.

DSC 7770 - Carnaby Street feels the love

A look at the Ganton Street side of the store.

DSC 7772 - Carnaby Street feels the love

I like this scene with a VW and the Golden Gate bridge. Certainly evocative of the Haight-Ashbury era!

DSC 7740 - Carnaby Street feels the love

The store front on Carnaby Street itself, with a ‘Feel the love’ next door – currently being re-painted ready for a new client to take over.

DSC 7739 - Carnaby Street feels the love

The sign taped to the right hand window says ‘caution wet paint.’

As is nearly always the case with each of the Carnaby Street events, there are postcards that complement the campaigns. I collected three of these and have collated them below.

DSC 0043 - Carnaby Street feels the love

‘Carnaby feels the love’ postcards. These can be found a several locations in the area, including Kingly Court.

DSC 7760 - Carnaby Street feels the love

This isnt really part of the ‘Feels the love’ campaign, however its very popular with tourists. If one looks around there are many things to be seen like this. There’s one store that pretends to be a railway station, and here’s part of a poster shown below that I found quite apt!

DSC 5410 - Carnaby Street feels the love

I’m sure many wish they could wave goodbye to this sort of thing… sadly the reality imposed by our railways is so totally different!

DSC 7797 - Carnaby Street feels the love

Just one more aspect on the Carnaby feels the love theme. Remember its about love and respect for the planet too, and this concerns the area’s important work in caring for and helping the environment as the information on the above board shows.

A lot of people do not know how much effort is made locally to help the environment. Walking among these busy shopping streets one would not think anyone cared about things like bees and the likes, but in fact the largest grouping of bee hives in London happens to be around Carnaby and Regent Streets, with new ones regularly being established in different parts of Central London.

A couple of years ago there was indeed a festival in Regent Street with the aim of generating greater awareness about the importance of the bees and celebrating the area’s environmental credentials. I wrote about this.