DSC 0362fi - Euston HS2 #6

Being the one about temporary diversions and demolitions underway.

There has been a considerable amount of activity this past week or two. More buildings are coming down and others are being internally stripped. The biggest surprise for me was the suspension of the Euston Green Link route which I discussed a short while back. The previously closed section of Drummond Street is now in use for a temporary period whilst demolition work takes place here.

DSC 0337 - Euston HS2 #6

Scaffolding still going up at the two Euston towers…

The ongoing demolition at Euston was briefly mentioned on the blog a couple of days back (I was aware of this through Twitter) but as explained I had an incapacity to walk. Despite that the determination was still there and this morning I made a short trip to Euston though it wasn’t easy. This is a short report on what’s currently happening in terms of HS2 with pictures taken this morning – nothing too substantial however….

DSC 0344 - Euston HS2 #6

The newly created pedestrian route (the Euston Green Link) is blocked off. A temporary route goes via the contractors’ gates on the left. The Ibis Hotel in the background has almost gone. The huge tent over the St. James Gardens becomes more visible as time goes on.

The main demolition is the hotel formerly on Cardington/Drummond Street – a huge gap is now beginning to appear as both the building and its surrounding scaffolding is taken down. Its been about three weeks since I last came to Drummond Street itself – the pictures taken then showed just the top bit of the hotel gone. At the time the Green Link was in use.

DSC 0346 - Euston HS2 #6

View looking west down to Drummond Street. This is normally the contractors access road however its being temporarily used as pedestrian access from Euston to the other part of Drummond Street. Obviously the proximity of the work to demolish the Ibis hotel means the Euston Green Link canot be used for a while.

DSC 0352 - Euston HS2 #6

The Calumet buildings are soon coming down. Scaffolding is now up – at the moment it seems soft stripping is still underway and notices outside warn of this.

Originally the timescales propounded entailed the Calumet building would have been demolished by November 2018. This is now over three months late although I am aware some shuffling of timescales have occurred. This is much like the new taxi rank which was originally scheduled for opening in October 2018 but slipped to early January 2019. So far they are still saying the first part of the new Euston and HS2 itself will open in 2026, but I dont see that as being very practical when one considers the overall lateness of the entire project.

If we go back a few weeks to January, the former boss of HS2 Sir Terry Morgan had warned Euston HS2 was an incredibly complex project and he thought it better to focus on the remainder of the route and Old Oak before bringing the line fully to Euston.

It is a very complex project because it involves a huge area in the centre of a city, a huge range of properties of all types. Its probably a bit silly to say but Euston HS2 is not like Old Oak or even Curzon Street in Birmingham where things are quite different and those projects are more straightforward. I do not know how much validity his sentiments carry but from a personal point of view can’t really see they are going to get a high speed railway operational from Euston by 2026.

DSC 0357 - Euston HS2 #6

Not quite the Euston Green Link! The temporary route for pedestrians in Drummond Street.

DSC 0370 - Euston HS2 #6

Pretty shot of the Wolfson crane! This is the smaller of the two large cranes on site for the works and it will demolish the buildings bounded by Melton and Euston Streets.

DSC 0364 - Euston HS2 #6

As this view shows, the former Ibis Euston hotel (a quite new building by the way) bounded by Cobourg, Drummond and Cardington Streets has almost gone. The building itself couldn’t have been more than about twenty years old…

SAM 7339 - Euston HS2 #6

Here’s a reminder of what the building looked like as scaffolding was going up. August 2018.

IMG 0087 - Euston HS2 #6

Another reminder taken August 2018 showing the Cardington Street side of the hotel.