IMG 0171fi - Up on the rooftops - again

Yep! Three times in a week. It’s not as much as some others who have been doing the same as I have. This is the task of chasing the proverbial magical ark of photographs on the rooftop of 120 Fenchurch Street. More people are finding it a place where serious photography can be done and the fantastic views are simply quite unbeatable. Its a good place and I would recommend it over the Sky Garden or The Shard – which are just too exclusive anyway for my taste.

So we have it! A third instalment on the same subject in less than a week! But its a different ken to the first two I posted – let’s fire away and see what this one is about…

IMG 9808 - Up on the rooftops - again

Yes I do take pictures of the staff too! (I ask them first of course.)

First, the staff told me on the seven days the roof top gardens have been open to the public (it is closed earlier Saturdays and Sundays and those days are quieter so probably count as one…) over nine thousand visitors have been. On this particular day alone (Friday 22nd February) around one thousand six hundred had been and it was the busiest I have seen the roof gardens so far.

Part of that is of course the excellent weather that has been about this past week and no doubt people are looking out for the sunsets. There was a fantastic one on Wednesday 20th but I missed it. I had planned to come on Thursday but the tube was a proper mess with signal failures etc – so I decided to give the roof gardens a miss. That evening was a good sunset too although not as fantastic as the one on Wednesday.

IMG 0113 - Up on the rooftops - again

Substantial crowds waiting for the sun to go down and the red skies to dance!

So I was here Friday evening 22nd having undertook very last minute decision to make the trip down to Aldgate. I was amazed at the number people on the rooftop of 120 Fenchurch Street and clearly many were hoping for a repeat performance sunset of the last two evenings, but this one was a little more muted. It was still nice however.

IMG 0136 - Up on the rooftops - again

The sun’s going down on me…. Look at the line of photographers waiting for that special photograph!

DSC 4815 - Up on the rooftops - again

It was quite a spectacular sunset even though the pretty pink clouds seen over the past two evenings were missing.

DSC 4812 - Up on the rooftops - again

Lovely red background to the Telecom Tower!

One guy I noticed has been there each time I have been too, so I very briefly asked him how many trips he had made here and he held his hand up and told me four trips here. Here’s a couple of pictures of him at work – he was a more serious photographer than I am – he is using medium format for his work. I’m probably just some clumsy amateur lol!

IMG 0161 - Up on the rooftops - again

Our guy with his medium format equipment on the rooftop gardens.

IMG 0165 - Up on the rooftops - again

Another view of our medium format guy! By this time the red sky was fading somewhat and just a few minutes later he had gone home.

IMG 0223 - Up on the rooftops - again

Getting somewhat darker – but still plenty of photographers hard at work! Some with very sophisticated equipment – and a number very sensibly using black out sheets to ensure there were no reflections of any sort on the glass they were shooting through.

It was good to meet this disabled guy and his mate they were having a great time. Its an excellent spot here for the disabled. The glass screens offer an excellent viewing position, and the entire roof is level. Even though there are two main levels the gradients between the two are extremely subtle and it is fantastic for those who require good accessibility. The toilets are on the 14th floor, however again these are fully compliant and can be reached by lift.

In terms of access by public transport one might think its not very good. However there are many buses through the area – and in terms of the tube, Tower Hill is just a short distance away – and that is a fully accessible tube station. Plus the Docklands Railway serves the area (Tower Gateway and Bank) and its fully accessible too.

IMG 0228 - Up on the rooftops - again

Our guy and his mate with the City of London skyscrapers and the Gherkin as a background.

There is about 40 minutes or so of night time at the moment, its not a lot but this is the only time one will be able to get night pictures for the next couple of weeks and then it wont be possible again until April when the hours of opening are extended to 9pm.

IMG 0237 - Up on the rooftops - again

Looking through the glass screens towards the City’s towers and the Gherkin.

IMG 0234 - Up on the rooftops - again

A view looking towards Aldgate, Whitechapel, with Canary Wharf in the distance.

IMG 0212 - Up on the rooftops - again

Another view with Canary Wharf in the distance but this time more to the right with Tower Bridge and the Tower of London visible.

IMG 0215 - Up on the rooftops - again

And finally the Shard and Walkie Talkie!

Do you think I never take pictures of Canary Wharf from 120 Fenchurch Street? I do! The problem is there are so many cranes currently along the line of sight from 120 Fenchurch Street so its not always a good shot when one uses a long zoom. However here are two pictures for tasters…

DSC 4686 - Up on the rooftops - again

The iconic One Canada Square – once the UK’s tallest skyscraper but now well down the ratings in terms of height… its two and half miles or 4.25 kilometers distant from Fenchurch Street.

DSC 4829 - Up on the rooftops - again

The new towers going up on the south side of Canary Wharf and reflected in tonight’s sunset.

Earlier this week I was up on the roof of 120 in the evening and the moon had just risen, it was as usual pretty big and sort of yellow orangey to begin with. I was surprised at the clarity of the moon in my picture despite the sky being a little misty.

DSC 4791 - Up on the rooftops - again

The moon – think its a little a bit further than Canary Wharf lol!