virginhl1fi - Hyperloop #1

Hyperloop – the much vaunted new transportation system – does it live up to the huge amounts of hype being touted on its advantages? Only time will tell. There are so many questions to be answered before it can be a fully reliable technology. Authorities are still uncertain how much of an effect it can have or whether its even beneficial. For now here’s a quick look at the latest stuff on Hyperloop including Virgin’s test track and Mexico’s seriousness in getting a workable system of the ground. If its as successful as its made out – will we even need HS2 or Crossrail 2?

One of the bits of news that came out today was Arrivo (a substantial Hyperloop player) has shut down totally – actually it shut operations pending issues just before Xmas – but today the news is its completely gone. This disputes some of the claims surrounding some Hyperloop systems proposed around the world because these involve Arrivo’s backing!

Mexico aims to have a substantial system serving several cities by 2020. I think it’ll be a little later than next year when it starts! If ever it does….

Some say the project in Mexico is cancelled though so far there seems little confirmation of this.

Dubai aims to be extremely quick off the mark with Hyperloop. Its says its first systems will open next year (2020.) Its been working with Virgin Hyperloop One since 2016 to plan and build a viable system.

The other news is China has plans for a trial ‘Hyperloop’ system. How that will work I dont know, or whether its a true Hyperloop as many are claiming. In fact its Maglev reborn….

In some respects Maglev is a considerably better alternative than Hyperloop. There’s no specially depressurised tubes needed for example, no tiny passenger pods, and Maglev is a transport system that exists in the real world – if you know what I mean! BTW I’ve written something at length about the realities of Hyperloop and may publish it at some point.

Although Hyperloop has many questions about safety and other issues the first guidelines proper are now out with more updates as 2019 progresses by way of HyperloopTT, another company working on the project besides Musk’s and Virgin’s Hyperloop One. See New Civil Engineer. There are still huge gaps in the knowledge of safety despite this major step and its something I’ve prepared stuff on.

Interesting video on Hyperloop experimentation and the various start ups all trying to get a niche in the new technology:

The main header picture is a view of Virgin’s Hyperloop pod on test and this can be viewed here at You Tube or via the following tweet (either way the video in question is a little old because Richard Branson’s no longer the chairman of his own project!):