munchensidepov - München Looping side POV

Possibly the first ever side POV of the München Looping! I had two earlier videos fail on me, the second had been of very good quality until it inexplicably cut out. Hence this was going to be my third attempt to get a reasonably good POV of the ride. Imagine my despair when the guy on the car in front turned out to be huge! It meant the adjustable headrests and arm braces were also much higher up than usual. That cut out the line of sight to the front and I just could not get a reasonable sightline in the middle of our rear car. The only way to have done would have been to hold the camera up and experience told me it wasn’t going to work.

In desperation, just as we left the base station, I decided to go for a side view POV which is no doubt the hardest to do on this ride without any bracing or supports of any sort. Its also my DSLR that’s doing the filming and its not an easy thing to hold. I used a strong wriststrap. I kept thinking to myself its not going to work but it did despite the intense 5.2g forces on that first drop and the quite tight clearances.

I said earlier I wasn’t publishing today however it was decided to do this short post having uploaded the video anyway.