DSC 0176fi - München Looping wins an award!

The München Looping (Munich Looping/Olympia Looping) has won a Gold Rides award for excellent customer experience. It was awarded by Winter Wonderland officials on Saturday 5th January and was made in collaboration with IMG and the Royal Parks.

The award was made on the penultimate day of the 2018 season at Winter Wonderland. At noon Winter Wonderland representatives turned up at the Munchen Looping with a big surprise for the rides’ owners and staff. They were there to give the celebrated Oktoberfest roller coaster its first ever British award!

I wasn’t at the ceremony itself however when I visited the ride that evening the staff showed me the new award – so asked them whether I could take some pictures of the award with the ride as a background and they said it was fine!

DSC 0178 - München Looping wins an award!

The award certificate and the famous ride itself!

The big question – will the ride be coming back later this year for the 2019 season? Some have said it won’t and it has been rumoured on forums and You Tube. It was claimed the ride had a three year contract with Winter Wonderland but I dont think that is the case. It simply came back because it does very well at Winter Wonderland. However there’s one big problem this year and that is Brexit…

DSC 0176 - München Looping wins an award!

The Gold Rides Award 2018 presented to the Munich Looping in recongition of excellent customer experience.

I discussed this briefly about two weeks ago, nevertheless I have been this weekend been informed at the moment its about an 80% chance. It all depends on Brexit itself, the exchange rates and so on. Winter Wonderland is the München Looping’s only overseas visit and its without a doubt the most expensive in terms of transport. As has been indicated earlier, the good news is the ride does extremely well in London, substantially more so than in Germany according to German newspapers – bar the biggest events such as Oktoberfest – and the Winter Wonderland success has been a deciding factor in the ride’s return to London these past two years.

DSC 0181 - München Looping wins an award!

The Gold Riders Award can be seen in one of the ticket booths at the Munchen Looping. There’s just one day left to see it though!

What will happen to the ride when it leaves these shores? It will go back to Euskirchen (near Bonn in Germany) where it is usually stored. Its next showing will be at Cologne Carnival 2019 (28 February to 6 March) whilst the regular Oktoberfest is as usual a definite booking. Apart from that the owners of the ride, the Barths, have not decided yet as to some of the other locations the ride usually visits – and that includes London.