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Being the one about the Euston Green Link.

This week as part of the Euston HS2 developments, contractors began putting up the first tangible signs of what is to be known as the Euston Green Link. As well as this flags and banners were put up along the Euston Road. The Green Link is a “a creative and environmentally-focused walking route between Regent’s Park and Euston Station that is part-funded by the Mayor of London’s Low Emission Neighbourhood Fund.”

The idea of Euston Green Link came about because of the HS2 project. It was thought that the area, known as Euston Town, should have some kind of new defining identity in light of the huge upheavals that are now occurring especially as HS2 “has an enormous impact on the morale of local people.”

DSC 2524 - Euston HS2 #4

The start of the new Euston Green Link route at its junction with Melton Street.

This is where the Euston Green Link comes in – to help bring the community together and keep a strong sense of local identity. Its not just that – an important aspect of the project is to introduce the area to people who who do not live here and thus widen its appeal. Perhaps those who come to look at HS2’s progress will also take the trouble to learn more about the community itself too and what the area has to offer?

DSC 2522 - Euston HS2 #4

A view of the new route and hoardings looking towards Euston station.

The idea of the link was approved earlier this year by the Mayor of London after Euston Town successfully bid for funding for one of the Mayor’s five low emission zones to be created within London. It will see “welcome investment in the greening of the neighbourhood, it will also use public art that reflects issues faced by the local community, whilst considering health and economic sustainability.” It will link Euston’s businesses, including those in Drummond Street with art initiatives and public spaces.

DSC 2525 - Euston HS2 #4

Leslie Green’s tube station’s still extant – however its Drummond Street side is now largely hidden by the new hoardings.

greenlinkmap - Euston HS2 #4

A map  showing provisionally what the Euston Green Link will look like.

Euston Green Link’s project manager, Georgie Street, says “We believe HS2 presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for positive development – if it is done right. Surrounding communities are the essence of Euston and they must be preserved. In the face of hoardings, building sites and vehicles cluttering the streets, we need to find ways to create beautiful public space and attract new footfall to the area. The Euston Green Link is one of our plans to mitigate the project’s negative effects where we can.”

The Green Link will provide an alternative route from the area to Regent’s Park and its said those using it (rather than Euston Road) will reduce their exposure to pollution by around 50%.

Eventually the project will have dedicated wayfinding signs, additional green space (in the form of pocket parks) to replace that which has been lost to HS2. There will also be various works of public art and several living walls.

Ds3EtYaXcAI08Rd - Euston HS2 #4

One of the pocket parks that will form part of the Euston Green Link. Source: Twitter

Obviously the HS2 project itself is running well behind time. Demolition work was supposed to have begun on the Calumet site in October as was originally detailed on the local HS2 plans. Its now almost the end of December and no such work has been seen.

The new taxi rank which was originally envisaged to be ready by October at least now seems pretty well complete. This week display screens at the rank were live and showing train departures from Euston so its possible the rank will come into use around the new year.

DSC 2496 - Euston HS2 #4

23/12/2018  Despite the rain Euston station’s new taxi rank looks pretty well complete and ready to open soon.

With the introduction of the Euston Green Link hoardings (and some further unrelated new hoardings around the now empty properties and public house in Coburg Street) it seems the demolition of the Calumet buildings may also begin in the new year.

Euston Green Link

I changed the title of this to ‘Euston HS2 #4’ to provide continuity with other HS2 posts..

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Long Branch Mike

Thanks for bringing this Green Link to light!