IMG 0330 - Mulberry's Lights

A special four day light show was held over the weekend in Regent Street. It was organised by Mulberry. The exhibition marked the launch of the company’s new Xmas campaign and was held in an adjacent pair of spare shop units – once part of the former Aquascutum/Austin Reed premises.
IMG 7904 - Mulberry's Lights
The frontage and main entrance to #MulberryLights.
As the store’s manager explained to me the light show was designed by Mulberry’s own staff – no external artists were used. Thus the exhibition itself was quite raw but also simple, using the same style of lighting many times with differentiating arrangements making for a good amount of variety – practically everyone who visited found it great fun!
IMG 7898 - Mulberry's Lights
The entrance lobby to #MulberryLights, with a small lights pre-taster prior to entering the main exhibition area.
Mulberry says “this season, we explore how lights, colour and shapes come together to create a beautiful synergy” whilst Drapers magazine observed the ways and means the store’s campaign “celebrates how light, colour, shapes and people come together to create a modern British Christmas.”
IMG 7839 - Mulberry's Lights
The start of the main #MulberryLights show .
In my view the exhibition was somewhat reminiscent of Selfridges’ recent exhibition the Flipside which too took place in a building waiting to be fitted out. I thought Mulberry’s attempt was rather better and no doubt the huge crowds enjoying #MulberryLights did justice to the set.
IMG 7876 - Mulberry's Lights
Here was a very colourful show with lights ranging through all spectrums to simply pure white. There were also large mirrors to complement the scene as well as small convex half mirrors which everyone enjoyed.
IMG 0206 - Mulberry's Lights
This part of the exhibition doubled as a useful set for poses, portraiture, even impromptu fashion displays.
IMG 7769 - Mulberry's Lights
Others using the same set for fashion shows – even two people used it for vlogging!
IMG 0220 - Mulberry's Lights
Practically everyone was taking selfies. Some people think selfies are vain. I don’t have that opinion however and in my view the huge number of selfies being taken clearly showed the exhibition had all the hallmarks of a major success. What’s more is it showed everyone was enjoying the set immensely.
IMG 0184 - Mulberry's Lights
One aspect of the exhibition was if one took a photo and sent it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MulberryLights it would then allow that person or persons to have a go on Mulberrys’ gift vending machine. It was said a small prize would always be guaranteed, however there was one major prize of £1000 available each day for just one lucky winner!
IMG 0295 - Mulberry's Lights
These convex mirrors are always popular for playful portraits. Guy taking pic of his partner – while I take a picture of them!
IMG 0138 - Mulberry's Lights
#MulberryLights were also a great addition to the Regent Street’s Xmas lights – which I covered in a post a few days ago.
IMG 0141 - Mulberry's Lights
These kids enact a scene which I thought was somewhat reminiscent of the famous cover for the Band on the Run album!
IMG 0188 - Mulberry's Lights
In terms of photography, the first visit I made to #MulberryLights was with my Canon 60d and the 10-22mm lens. Its a fantastic lens however its one practically no-one else, not even a professional, would want. Why’s that? Well the 10-22 lens is a celebrated lens, its great – and its expensive too! The one I have came at a rock bottom price – no-one wanted it obviously because it suffers from a very healthy dose of fungus on the front lens. However taking care with the angles one shoots quite good pictures can be had.
IMG 7789 - Mulberry's Lights
These large mirrors provided further opportunities for portraits/poses/selfies!
Because the 10-22 is f3.5 a certain amount of noise was induced in the photographs I took, thus these were mostly general shots. Hence I decided on a second visit this time using my 7d and the older Tamron f2.8 17-55mm and with this combo I was able to focus more on the people side without losing too much resolution. My photography set up is quite archaic actually because everyone these days has a Canon 5d mkiii or mkiv, or 80d or a Nikon D500, D850 etc and no one would dare sport a set of lens that have fungus whereas I have several 🙂
IMG 7861 - Mulberry's Lights
I love how these circles seem to take on a three dimensional effect when one is at at quite an acute angle to the wall itself.
IMG 7785 - Mulberry's Lights
Not Band on the Run this time, but a fantastically colourful frame for this lady to take a picture of her partner.
IMG 7848 - Mulberry's Lights
Looking from the ground straight up to the ceiling gave quite a different effect.
IMG 0123 - Mulberry's Lights
More poses! This part of the exhibition where the lights converged together was extremely popular.
IMG 0254 - Mulberry's Lights
Mulberry’s Lights and its Gift Vending Machine will be visiting the company’s other stores in the following cities in the next couple of weeks.: Leeds: 22 – 25 November; Manchester: 26 – 28 November; Edinburgh: 29 November – 2 December.