IMG 8617fi - The Face at King's Cross

Despite what the publicity says ‘The Face’ covers archive exhibition is already on at King’s Cross! The dates given on the official King’s Cross website is 26th November to 31st January 2019 however its entirely installed as of now. The reason for the official dates is probably because part of the exhibition will be obscured until November or perhaps there is going to be more than just this long wall of magazine covers.
Update: It seems the original publicity was wrong and the dates should have specified the 26th October not November! The relevant sources have been changed to reflect this,
IMG 8587 - The Face at King's Cross
The Face is said to have been a hugely influential magazine and it “remains one of the most remarkable examples of a magazine that both reflected its times and led them. Along with i-D and Blitz it channelled the late 1970s post-punk energy into the shiny new romantic eighties and beyond to the third summer of love and nineties rave culture.” Source: Magculture.
IMG 8588 - The Face at King's Cross
Because the exhibition has been unofficially launched ahead of the published dates, part of it remains closed off. Is anyone missing anything seeing that part of the exhibition is sectioned off? The answer is no because many of the magazine covers are repeated so what one apparently misses (which is just 126 images) these are repeated throughout the exhibition in the same exact order.
Its a lengthy exhibition along the west side of Lewis Gilbert Square, the wall itself being about 72 metres and the actual artwork coverage about 70 metres.
IMG 8591 - The Face at King's Cross
The bit of the exhibition that is behind hoardings at the moment.
Although there are 250 magazine covers these are repeated five times each throughout the entire exhibition wall. There are a total of 1,250 images on show, so if one sees just one fifth of the exhibition they’ve seen it all! The magazine covers depicted range from the 1980s to the 2000s, practically the full set of publications.
IMG 8604 - The Face at King's Cross
The complete Face exhibition along one side of Lewis Gilbert Square! The section on the left is behind hoardings a bit longer.
IMG 8625 - The Face at King's Cross
A chance for everyone to shine among the many famous stars featured on the magazine’s covers!
Let’s have a look at some of the covers that can be seen….
IMG 8620 - The Face at King's Cross
The legendary David Bowie on the May 1983 cover.
IMG 8619 - The Face at King's Cross
Puff Daddy (Sean Combs) on the September 1999 cover.
IMG 8615 - The Face at King's Cross
The fantastic Prince on the September 1984 cover.
IMG 8613 - The Face at King's Cross
Even Mallory Knox makes the magazine’s cover! April 1994.
IMG 8628 - The Face at King's Cross
The sectioned off The Face exhibition with the Coal Drops Yard just behind – this opens next Friday 26 October 2018!
It was quiet today when I visited the exhibition, clearly few knew it was on, except those who happened to be in the area. Next week will be different altogether when the crowds flood into the Coal Drops Yard for the much anticipated launch of this new shopping centre. The Coal Drops site is now becoming more visible as the hoardings come down.
UPDATE: The section that was fenced off has now been removed.

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