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Today I went to Selfridges store to take some photographs of their Xmas windows, I’ve been doing this for a while as some will judge from the number of posts I have written about Selfridges over the past six years. As soon as I had taken my first picture a security guard was right by my side saying no photos. It really quite upset me.
After some thought I went to Selfridges reception to complain. The receptionists couldn’t believe that I had been banned from taking photographs so they phoned up security. From what I could gather, it was because I had a ‘professional camera.’
Ah yes! A professional camera! So that means I am rich, travel abroad a lot, perhaps even do You Tube videos, have 1000k of followers, buy coffee by the dozen and flaunt my wealth? And why they decided to ban me? So I cannot take photographs and sell on my ill gotten gains and, yes, surprising, become even more rich… a great move if anything!
That of a person who hasn’t been out of London in years, has to go without, has to grovel whilst everyone else lives it up in luxury. Yes I have a ‘professional camera’ but its years old, its not what professionals would want to be seen with, it would make them look like a joke but for me I have no choice its either use a critically dated DSLR or go without – especially as I would like to present my pictures in the nicest way possible.
This isnt a post I want to write, however I’d like to point out my blog earns me absolutely nothing. Not a penny. Its cost me. No returns of any sort whatsoever. I cant get a job becos of the numerous frigging attitudes that are prevalent – like that I had today from Selfridges. Plaudits all around for all you abled bodied people who do very good jobs of ensuring people like me are kept permanently resident in the fabled lands of necessity, zilch hope and absolutely no future with generous sprinklings of despair and despondency.
The staff of the store were informed quite clearly they speak they hear, they have jobs, yet I have nothing, and do free publicity for their frigging store – I get shat on because I have disabilities, dont have hearing, cant communicate, nor the same mental faculties. Well Selfridges in Oxford Street can stuff it. Even though I’m clearly quite stupid to many – at least I can understand in full the reasons why I’m saying sod the frigging department store. I loved the store and remember it decades ago as a kid when it had its famous art deco lifts.
As of this afternoon (19th October 2018) well I have decided I have had absolutely enough of this shit. I have decided I don’t care for the store one bit – even if it was Harry Selfridge (Mr. Selfridge) whom I admire and who set up the store just over a hundred years ago.
Your head of security came to the reception and apologised and said it was all a mistake. Some big mistake! And yes I noticed the frightful lack of disability awareness too. I’ve decided this year, maybe even next, and the year after I ain’t giving your store a single ounce of publicity. Not one single bit. And I mean absolutely nada, zilch.

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Response, silly Selfridges ………………?