IMG 6050fi - The München Looping Returns

This year’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – the festival’s 12th year – also sees the return of the Olympia Looping or as we in Brexit angst England know it – the München Looping, or if you prefer, the Munich Looping – is back for a third year.
Very little has been announced however Winter Wonderland’s Facebook did say several weeks ago the ride was expected to return to London for a third season whilst Rudolf Barth’s website announced three weeks ago the ride’s official return to Hyde Park.
The theme park opens in just five weeks time for a special preview night. Details below.
IMG 5952 - The München Looping Returns
The München Looping is back in a few weeks time for a third season at Hyde Park.
The first ever post I did on the ride, the world’s largest travelling loop-the-loop roller coaster, includes some technical detail and other information.
Although this year’s season at Winter Wonderland runs from 23rd November to 6th January, there is a fundraising night on the 21st November where all proceeds go to the Royal Parks. Details here. A preview night for the general public takes place on 22nd November from 4 to 10pm. Otherwise all other times of opening from Friday 23rd November are 10am -10pm.
IMG 9716 - The München Looping Returns
Dismantling the München Looping on January 1st 2018.
As well as the return of the München Looping, there are several new German rides also making their way to Hyde Park for the first time. The X-Force Klinge (Winter Wonderland calls it the KMG Surf Ride) of which a second ride, newly built, will be making its debut at Hyde Park. Video here. Another, Grundler & Preuss’s Circus Circus, is also making it debut. It looks a very exciting ride! Video here. POV here. Dr Archibald: Master Of Time also makes its way to Hyde Park. Its the largest travelling VR ride in the world. Video here (I think that’s the only Youtube video which shows the VR sequences.)
IMG 9674 - The München Looping Returns
Winter Wonderland staff calling time for the end of the final night January 1st 2018.
One new difference for this year’s visit of the München Looping is it’s now lit by LED lights. Here’s a video of this. Michael Barth, one of the family who owns the famous roller coaster, was interviewed by Munich TV whilst on the ride itself! Here’s a link to the video (its in German.)