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This is a new photography exhibition based about the west side of King’s Cross station. The subjects depicted are generally traditions and cultures specific to each of the 28 countries in Europe that are being lost. The photographs shown here are my own selection of those on exhibition.
IMG 5426 - Another Europe
There are 28 photographs naturally and these can be found in Battle Bridge Place, at the side of the German gymnasium and within Pancras Square. The photographs are on view from 12 July to 9 August and can be viewed at any time.
IMG 5373 - Another Europe
Simon Roberts – Broadstairs Dickens Festival
Two of the entries are from the British Isles – the UK and Ireland. In fact the UK entry is the last one, being right at the top end of Pancras Square! I don’t think there is meant to be any particular order to the photographs. There are four groups of photographs, again no particular order it seems. It doesn’t really matter because whatever order these photographs are placed, their impact is not lessened in any way.
IMG 5384 - Another Europe
George Tatakis – Dowry transportation
IMG 5391 - Another Europe
Thodoris Tzalavras – Nicosia in Dark and White
The location was chosen as it is adjacent to St. Pancras International station. According to Hamish Park, the exhibition’s curator, ‘The Kings Cross / St Pancras area, home to the Eurostar, is often referred to as the UK’s ‘European Gateway’. This is the ideal space to celebrate a common European heritage while at the same time appreciating the diversity of our EU community.’
IMG 5395 - Another Europe
Jeanette Hägglund and Henk Wildschut (rear)
IMG 5398 - Another Europe
Gerry Balfe Smyth – Warriorettes
Each photograph is mounted on specially built benches. It means people can sit and enjoy the various works as well or just pass the time if they wish. I am not sure if the benches are meant to be a permanent feature at King’s Cross, however if they were it would mean more scope for further exhibitions and I think the area could do with a bit more arts!
IMG 5401 - Another Europe
Works by Astrid Kruse Jensen (front) Markéta Luskačová (middle) Klaus Pichler (rear)
The next scene depicted can be found right outside Kings’ Cross station in Battle Bridge Place, and its one of my favourite picks. I would go for Dowry Transportation too as that illustrates something that amazingly still takes place in today’s world. Of the other, I like the isolated church in a field with electricity power lines running one way and the ruts in the field running the opposite way. No wonder this photograph has won awards – I would love to be able to capture scenes like this!
IMG 5412 - Another Europe
Andrej Tarfila’s ‘Church on the fields of Sorško polje’ – winner of Sony World Photography Award
Full list of photographers and their works