DSC 0087fi - London's Bug Hotels

This isn’t some dodgy London hotels that have a bug or two in their rafters! Its the art of conservation in fact. These are genuine attempts to provide homes for bugs. They’re the kind of insects that everyone loves, like bees, butterflies and ladybirds, Its quite hard for these living creatures to thrive in London and the idea here is to help them along in life.
DSC 0084 - London's Bug Hotels
The bug hotels are a different slant on the attempts to cultivate London’s wildlife, rather like oversized bird boxes! Certainly with the current heatwave we are having these hotels must be a welcome sight for our bugs – a comfortable place in which to rest and enjoy life rather than being picked off and eaten by a pesky bird or two.
DSC 0115 - London's Bug Hotels
DSC 0095 - London's Bug Hotels
Its not known how long these specially built abodes have been around, probably four, five months or so in the pocket park at Regent’s Place. I regularly see these when passing by on the bus. The bus stop is right by the ‘hotels’ in the new look public square opposite Warren Street tube station, and its only recently a decision was made to get off here rather than at the Euston stop in order to take some pictures of these innovative hotels.
DSC 0093 - London's Bug Hotels
No-one has written up any blogs about the bug hotels other than Regent’s Place mentioning it on their website, hence this is the first such post 🙂
Ironically the day I decide to publish this post its ! Dont swipe at bees they wont harm you, unlike wasps they’re not out to give you a nasty injection. Bees just want to be happy collecting pollen and making honey. Thrashing or swiping at bees will cause them to think they are under attack and thus will want to defend themselves. Bees are an essential part of the food chains we rely on, bees help to pollinate plants and foods – and it has been said if all the bees die humanity will be in trouble.
Regent’s Place bug hotels
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