sdcard128tbfi - 128TB sd cards!

News is hot today that future SD cards will hold in theory a max of 128TB. The new format was announced recently.
It wasn’t that long ago they announced a 1TB SD card. Now its 128 times more than that size (still in exFat though.) 1TB cards haven’t even been produced yet, apart from samples made up to look like one. (If one was for sale now, according to Pitstop it would be £999!) The 128TB cards are presently theoretical. Its just a question of putting them into practice (rather like the much awaited 1TB card too!) No doubt a 128TB card will be enormously expensive.
128TB will be able to hold 25,000 HD videos (if you actually want 25,000 videos!) Even numerous operating systems – including those new ones we haven’t yet seen. There will be backwards compatibility with older card readers (though reading a 128TB SD UC Class 1 Express Card on much older equipment is going to take quite a few weeks I think!)
sdcard128tb - 128TB sd cards!
These new 128TB cards could hold your entire digital life and more. Everything including your photographs. Or maybe a blog (several times over if you like!) In fact it would hold this blog 333,333 times over. That’s more than a quarter of a million 1londonblogs! Methinks I can start that blog expansion program now…..
You know, 128TB storage may not even last long, that is if they do even arrive. With the advent of quantum systems storage may take on a different character altogether. The future will be exabytes and petabytes and computers will be even more clever. With potential storage solutions we could store the present entire internet in just one tiny location….. You know they can put the bible on a pin head? This is far bigger!
I’ve always thought digital storage is a bit like the universe. It gets bigger and bigger but everywhere gets further and further away and the gaps are filled by new sources of information. Ironically, as I sometimes think, there may come a day when we realise the best way to get around the universe is to treat it like the internet. Much like some huge gigantic digital storage space. No more warp drives, no more worm holes, black holes, folded space, that sort of thing. Just zip over to the far side of the universe as if it was merely a SD card!
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