SAM 6207fi - Christ's Hospital Sculpture

Christ’s Hospital was a noted school on Newgate in the City of London and known for its bluecoats. It was established in 1552 and three hundred and fifty years later, in 1902 it moved to the country near Horsham, where a village and a railway station of the same name have now been established.
The site of the school was for many years part of the General Post Office, opened on site in 1905 by King Edward the Seventh.
IMG 4731 - Christ's Hospital Sculpture
General view of the sculpture’s main side with plaque below
The sculpture itself was unveiled in October 2017, yet it seems there’s been little publicity. On my part I usually walk from Barbican to St Paul’s via St Martin’s le Grand, yet in a rare move I decided to alter my route and go via Little Britain/King Edward Street, and thus I discovered this excellent sculpture commemorating Christ’s Hospital.
IMG 4733 - Christ's Hospital Sculpture
The sculpture is on the corner of Newgate and King Edward Street in the grounds of the old Christchurch, a pocket park popular with tourists and City workers alike. The blue is fantastic, its almost metallic in part, sort of an azurite blue. I’m a fan of the many three dimensional sculpture memorials found around London, however nearly all are grey or black so it was a surprise to see this beautiful strong blue instead.
IMG 4730 - Christ's Hospital Sculpture
Ode by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, once a pupil at Christ’s Hospital
The memorial came about as an idea to commemorate the school’s presence in the City of London. The project was supported by both the City of London and Merrill Lynch. It is the first permanent sculpture in London by renowned sculptor Andrew Brown.
Alderman Sir Alan Yarrow, former Lord Mayor of London, said: “It is a great honour to unveil a sculpture that marks not only a significant period in the history of Christ’s Hospital, but also celebrates life-changing education for the children who have crossed its threshold both in the City and in West Sussex.”
CCI20042017 0001sml - Christ's Hospital Sculpture
Here’s a postcard showing the school band at Christ’s Hospital, it was given to me years ago by way of family