IMG 8807fi - Colour Transfer at Paddington

This is a new art commission for the Paddington Basin area in the bit officially known as Paddington Central.

“Liz West creates vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, West aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through her works. She is interested in exploring how sensory phenomena can invoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply entrenched relationships to colour.
West’s investigation into the relationship between colour and light is often realised through an engagement between materiality and a given site. Within physical and architectural space, West uses light as a material that radiates outside of its boundaries and containers.” Source:

IMG 8804 - Colour Transfer at Paddington
Liz West is a student of Leeds College of Art and Design and Glasgow School of Art and is primarily based in the north of England. It seems this is her first permanent London commission. Prior to this she had exhibited at the Natural History Museum, this was entitled Our Spectral Vision, specially created for the museum’s exhibition Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature in 2016.
DSC 0351 - Colour Transfer at Paddington
The framework for Colour Transfer seen on 16th May 2018
I noticed the installation a few days ago when the framework had been put up on the bridge. At the time I had wondered what it was going to be! I had thought surely it was going to be some form of advertising!
Its quite easy to find, being adjacent to Sean Henry’s Walking and Standing Men in Paddington Central alongside the canal between Paddington station and Little Venice.
DSC 0818n - Colour Transfer at Paddington
Its sited underneath the A40 Westway viaduct right next to Sean Henry’s Walking Men.
Liz West herself doesnt say anything about the artwork except to watch out for news about it so I imagine its not official yet, whilst Paddington Central (aka British Land) who commissioned the work, make absolutely no mention of it. I imagine it hasn’t even been publicly launched.
DSC 0824 - Colour Transfer at Paddington
Liz West’s work consists of site-specific installations of light and sculpture. This latest one is quite interesting even though its location beneath the A40 Westway perhaps is not ideal because of the limited light. That is not to say it doesn’t work at all, it does work, however the sculpture clearly relies on light to give a full impact and the location isn’t one where the sun shines a great deal.
IMG 8817 - Colour Transfer at Paddington
Perhaps its early days and the sculpture will have lighting added. TBH I was quite impressed by it as the early evening in question I was there, the sun was fortunately giving sufficient light (both direct and indirect) to create some impressive glows and the vivid colours that I saw can be seen in the pictures here.
IMG 8815 - Colour Transfer at Paddington
I too visited the sculpture at night and it seems the lights from the nearby buildings do give some sufficient output to create some nice colours. I would imagine late morning/lunch time to also be a good moment to view the artwork especially as this will be a time when the sun can shine directly underneath the bridge.
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