DSC 5899fi 1 - New look for St James' forecourt

Today’s news is the historic palace which has one of the few Tudor structures left in London, will get a new prospect. The present road layout is to be replaced by an island that will bring ‘dignity’ to the palace.
The project is to start this week. As I was nearby I decided to take some pictures of the old road layout before any works began.
DSC 5903 - New look for St James' forecourt
Pic of the palace’s current road layout along with the relevant news article showing the new
The new layout looks nicer and will give people a better view of the palace plus its historic gateway and clock.
DSC 5900 - New look for St James' forecourt
Looking east towards the Pall Mall – notice the purple taxi driver!
The news article claimed taxi drivers often took a short cut through the central reservation and I observed this during my visit. As the above picture shows, the purple taxi driver drove onto the pedestrian area of the crossing and back onto the other carriageway. Clearly this somewhat illegal move is preferred over a long detour.
2018 05 22 0001 - New look for St James' forecourt
The news article in question. It can be read online here