DSC 0081fi - Euston Square - the saga continues

The refurbishment works at Euston Square is progressing – very slowly however. Its now eight months since TfL began its work to refurbish Euston Square! Apart from taking the old poster panels down, the station remained untouched for nearly six months, leaving commuters to enjoy and analyse the mysterious contents of many of these posters. To date the westbound platform remains totally unchanged.
DSC 0431 - Euston Square - the saga continues
New corporate TfL styling spreading along the eastbound platform
IMG 2005 - Euston Square - the saga continues
Photo from earlier this year before the works began, showing the station’s 1930s Metropolitan Railway decor
When all the old 1930s Met decoration (remember this is likely to be pre LTPB and a decor the board itself had to complete) has been swept away one will be able to console themselves at Great Portland Street which keeps its Metropolitan Railway tiles on the stairs and footbridge.
IMG 6067 - Euston Square - the saga continues
Blue tiling opposite the ticket barriers at Euston Square station
The new tiling is clearly TfL’s preferred white and blue colours like its logo – the same as seen in the new parts of Bond Street station and others elsewhere. So far its been applied in the passageways leading from the street entrances to the ticket hall and along parts of the eastbound platform.
DSC 0472 - Euston Square - the saga continues
Scene showing the ticket hall’s 1960s restyling (in yellow) with a bit of 1930s Metropolitan decor in the background. Its my assumption that this yellow/gray tiling was done at a time when the new Euston Road was built above the station, because the building of that road ultimately affected the ticket hall and subways.
I think you will find the north entrance had to be demolished for the new Euston Road and a new access point provided. This meant some alterations to the subways and ticket hall and in my view prompted the full redecoration of the station during 1969 (excepting the bits that already had Metropolitan tiling.) Certainly if one looks at the LT museum archives, pictures of the station in May 1970 shows the tiling and enamel signs already in place. The ticket office (as seen in this view looking south) certainly had 1930’s Metropolitan tiling. This view in 1934 shows the new ticket hall under construction – with the same Metropolitan tiling that is now being demolished in 2018. No doubt it was the LPTB who completed the Met’s works.
DSC 0443 - Euston Square - the saga continues
Close up of the now destroyed 1930s Metropolitan Railway tiling on the stairs. Its tough work getting rid of this old stuff!
IMG 6098 - Euston Square - the saga continues
The passageway to the westbound platform still has its 1930s tiling – the new lift is just out of sight
Diamond Geezer did a post covering Euston Square on 1st April 2018. It was done in all honesty and published before the said appointed hours allocated to this annual tomfoolery. Some still thought it was an April Fools’ joke. Even DG tried to explain “None of today’s photos are doctored. All those labels are genuinely there.” Despite this several continuned to believe it was an April Fools…
DSC 0483 - Euston Square - the saga continues
How much longer will this old poster advertising ‘Mind Games’ remain?
DSC 0390 - Euston Square - the saga continues
At least Euston Square’s coffee pot signals remain – for now. If the Four Lines modernisation is on well schedule, perhaps these 100 year old signals will remain in use here until mid-summer 2018? Those further east will escape modernisation for at least another year or so….
DSC 0433 - Euston Square - the saga continues
Nice bit of clean 1960s tube panelling with 2018 TfL tiling. Not a bad match. Will they keep it like this?
DSC 0426 - Euston Square - the saga continues
Love this full sized alcove for fire extinguishers (unusual on the tube) with its one and only panel that has Circle/Met colours all the way round its edges. Will they keep this seeing there’s some old tiling in the way?