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I had a comment from TfL yesterday in response to my post on the Night Overground services to New Cross. It concerned me a bit and also I wasnt sure if it was a spoof however investigation shows it definitely came from TfL, though whom I dont know and they’re probably not going to say either…

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The comments from TfL

The TfL IP address used was A search on Google confirms this is part of the batch of IPs used by TfL:

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The email address used was

What about this? Well its in use by many TfL departments and searching Mailtester it doesnt show the IP in question. So the email may have travelled via several IP addresses within the company in order that the actual location is not known (if I am wrong someone tell me thanks.)

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The TfL message could have come from Floor 6 at Pier Walk in North Greenwich, which is TfL’s new corporate headquarters. I’ll have to write a post about that place (no, just joking!) The place is also where TfL’s customer services are based.

It could have come from 197 Blackfriars Road for all I know. I see that building everytime I come out of Southwark tube station. Thats the taxi and licensing offices, but who knows as Google tells me they use too.

It is said the TfL domain ( is registered to 84 Eccleston Square. TfL had been there a long time. They moved out probably late 2016/early 2017. 84 Eccleston Square was originally the HQ for TfL’s Street Management department. I remember staff there crapping on me when I tried to join the Stars program (yes that program was also about street design and accessibility when it first began.) This was on the recommendation of David Morris (who was formerly the Mayor’s lead advisor on disability) and the recommendation was because I had in fact written a lot on accessibility issues plus reports which David Morris had been impressed with. But TfL didn’t want me joining the program. I wasn’t considered one of their calibre 🙁

The reason I mention Eccleston Square is because the TfL domain is apparently still registered under that address. Even though the new corporate address is given as 4 Pier Walk (which is correct) the ‘whois’ tells us the person responsible for the domain is still addressed as being at 84 Ecclestone Square. The information TfL have given is clearly not up to date! The TfL offices closed down as I have already mentioned. There used to be a cafe and various offices, it was quite a big place. The premises are now part of the (part of the CoStar Group.)

My response to TfL’s comments (with screencap of the comment and email/domain address). TfL’s original is in block/italics:

Hi TfL I am responding to your comment bit by bit. Firstly you may have misunderstood the context of the post. Its meant to be slightly tongue in cheek although I may have not conveyed that as english is not my first language and I have learning disabilities too. You dont know that it takes me hours to write a single post because I’m trying to correct the english and ensure the context is readable.

I also notice your details dont come up on the reply so I have screencapped the actual message with the TfL email address and its official domain address to show that this message does officially come from TfL.

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1. This was a temporary diversion so it wouldn’t be publicised with fan fare

Of course it wasn’t. I was aware of that. The irony behind it all was despite the fan fare/publicity of the N.O. going to New Cross Gate, for one night the next weekend it didnt go there.

2. The posters indicated going to New Cross from Surrey Quays by train and walking, or getting a bus from Surrey Quays if you insist on arriving at New Cross Gate instead

I am interested to read that. The ones I saw (and photographed) said: “For journeys between Surrey Quays and New Cross Gate use trains to/from New Cross and walk or use local buses via any reasonable route.”

There’s absolutely no mention of getting buses from Surrey Quays. The one plausible bus link between there and New Cross Gate would not have run after 01.00am hence in my view any suggestions (which I didnt see) that people get the bus from Surrey Quays to New Cross Gate would have not be valid so they would have had to go via New Cross anyway.

As far as I can see there were no replacement buses to New Cross Gate. The rail replacement buses to Croydon started at New Cross Gate only after 05.30am when the N.O./L.O re-began services from that station.

3. No roundels at New Cross at all – the station is managed by Southeastern which just left it open with security staff

Yes of course. However I did not say it should have had roundels. If you read the post again you will see I described the situation as if it had been the previous weekend’s launch at New Cross Gate (with Night Czar Amy Lane, the special night-time roundels etc) and except of course it wasn’t that.

4. Your link to the apparently useless map doesn’t work – try embedding the image instead

Interesting you say that! Perhaps if you had looked properly the account in question had been suspended (or shut down by the person themself in question) so there was no Tweet nor map to be had.

I do embed images from Twitter thank you. But I wanted a Tweet to keep the context. One from Geoff Tech has been used as a replacement instead in response to your comments.

——- End of Comments ——
Note: Sometime after I wrote the response I found the first question I replied to had been written in the wrong tense so I corrected it.

Will there be any more responses from TfL? If so I’ll post them here.