The art installation known as Flotilla will be around for about three or so weeks at the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington Basin. These pictures were taken on the first night when the new display was switched on for the first time, this being 15 March 2018.
IMG 2809 - Flotilla at Paddington
The boats are lit up at 6.30pm as night draws in
Its a pretty installation consisting of 180 origami boats. Most are of one size however there are a few smaller ones if one looks for these.
IMG 2836 - Flotilla at Paddington
Flotilla scene with the famous Edgware Road buildings as a background
The installation was originally scheduled for March 1st 2018 however the spell of bad weather (the ‘Beast from the East’) forced its cancellation and was rescheduled for 15th March.
The installation can be viewed from the Floating Pocket Park at Paddington Basin until 12 April.
DSC 0214 - Flotilla at Paddington
Pretty origami boats afloat in Paddington Basin
It looks like the boats are made from purely paper however its actually polymer paper. They would have not floated otherwise! Its a permanent work so the boats wont go to waste and will be used elsewhere.
IMG 2827 - Flotilla at PaddingtonAnother Flotilla scene
The work took four days to install. The boats are tied to weights on the bottom of the canal. They are lit by LEDs and cycle through various colours
DSC 0172 - Flotilla at Paddington
Two ladies enjoying themselves at the Flotilla event
The boats themselves took about two months of work (in between other art projects) and are a new kind of work for artist Steve Messam although he has done different types of water installations before – and very different to the stupendous paper bridges he is world renowned for!
DSC 0177 - Flotilla at Paddington
All smiles as the food is served. No need to say cheese!
There were a number of stalls catering for people, offering different kinds of fayre. As these pictures show people were clearly having lots of fun!
DSC 0179 1 - Flotilla at Paddington
That’ll take some work to munch one’s way through!
I met Steve Messam quite by accident. I was trying to take pictures at the pizza stall when he introduced himself. He was in the queue for pizza and I think he thought I was getting in his way lol! Despite communication issues I managed to learn a little about the work he had done for Flotilla. Hence the opportunity arose to do a couple of photographs of the famous artist.
DSC 0191 - Flotilla at Paddington
Steve Messam
Steve Messam is the famous environmental artist who built the red paper bridge in the Lake District (which people could walk over) also the paper one in Suzhou, China, upon which a Land Rover was driven across! He has done loads of different art themes at various locations around the UK and in other parts of the world.
See Steve Messam website for more details.
DSC 0148 - Flotilla at PaddingtonA couple’s relaxing evening at the Floating Pocket Park admiring the Flotilla

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