For most of February and into March 2018 Abbey Road studios have featured hearts outside the premises as part of the celebrations originally based around Valentine Day (and perhaps the connotations with Sgt. Pepper.)

I only knew about this because one of my helpers who lives in that road told me. In fact I took pictures of it the same night but as it was dark and the only camera to be had was my knackered smartphone – the pictures were not exceptional. I made plans to return at some later time but this did not occur for another week, thankfully the hearts were still there – and have since done another night-time photo session.
DSC 0328 - Abbey Road heartsThe studios had told me (Feb 25th) these hearts would be painted out soon. (Since then my helper has informed me the hearts were still there – we had a look on 5th March – indeed they show no sign of being removed.)
DSC 0353 - Abbey Road heartsI think one reason these hearts have endured is they seem to prevent people from writing too much on the wall (which does become a bit of an eyesore at times.) Perhaps now this post has been published the wall will sport a brand new coat of white (it never lasts long though!)
DSC 0345 - Abbey Road heartsSince my last visit to the shop I notice there have been some changes, namely the exhibits within. The biggest change has been those on display as one leaves the shop.
DSC 0335 - Abbey Road hearts
Reproduction score written by George Martin for Yesterday on show in the shop foyer
DSC 0337 - Abbey Road hearts
Some new before/after pics of the famous studios
DSC 0322 - Abbey Road hearts
The famous 1970 crossing still exists, its not been moved, cloned, rebuilt, whatever!