DSC 0175 - Walthamstow fox

Tonight (Thursday 8 Feb) whilst visiting Walthamstow centre, a fox was spotted strolling in the gardens between the bus station and the Mall shopping centre. I was en route to the tube station when I spotted a number of people crowding around the grassed area – there was this fox quite calmly sitting on the grass. The time was around 18.00 to 18.15pm.
Foxes in the area have been big news before. In 2009 one was spotted on the Victoria Line escalators. See BBC News and the Telegraph.
DSC 0136 - Walthamstow fox
The fox with Walthamstow bus/rail station in the background
DSC 0190 - Walthamstow fox
Nice close up!
DSC 0196 - Walthamstow fox
The fox didn’t seem afraid of people – probably wanted feeding!
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Spend more time in Walthamstow and you will see LOTS of foxes!
Where ! live, five minutes from the station, it’s possible to see three or four at once


I see many foxes where I live but not friendly like this one was! It almost came right up to me, it was amazing 🙂