IMG 1425fi - Winter Run

A selection of pictures from today’s London Winter Run. Its the fourth such event but the first for me. The day itself is significant because its held on World Cancer Day. Missed the start as it was 10.45am when I arrived! According to the blurb its said there would be a Yeti and a polar bear on a penny farthing bike! I didn’t get to see either, but saw plenty of what seemed like bears with carrots and hats… Of course they were snowmen. Silly me! The event finishes at 4.30pm today yet this is a record for me – to get a post published (14.50pm) before an event has ended! Enjoy the pics – they’re done in the order they were taken.
London Winter Run website
DSC 4141 - Winter Run
February the fourth – and they’re celebrating Xmas again!
map - Winter Run
For starters – a map showing the course of the London Winter Run
IMG 1395 - Winter Run
Yes it was quite cold today. Thumbs up for being a great runner!
IMG 1407 - Winter Run
Never too old for these selfies!
IMG 1430 - Winter Run
Snowmen in photo line up before commencing their duties as, erm… snowmen!
IMG 1443 - Winter Run
Cool guys, just a couple of the many hundreds of accomplished runners!
IMG 1456 - Winter Run
Cancer fundraiser in Trafalgar Square. A lovely pose!
IMG 1460 - Winter Run
Its very strong stuff. You’ll get drunk! Not to worry I’ll stagger to the finish line!
IMG 1467 - Winter Run
Photo opp time with the snowmen!
IMG 1472 - Winter RunSome of the runners heading into Whitehall and the finish line
IMG 1476 - Winter Run
IMG 1484 - Winter Run
More snowmen photo opportunities!
IMG 1492 - Winter Run
Mike, you’ve done well raising money for charity!
IMG 1499 - Winter Run
Guy who ran as a breast cancer awareness mascot in memory of his sister
DSC 4151 - Winter Run
More runners, dont worry its just a few short metres to the finish line…
DSC 4154 - Winter Run
Wonder why they always put finish lines here…. maybe cos a King was finished off here long ago?
IMG 1541 - Winter Run
Not a snowman but a bear! Quite a few at the finish line, plus a inflatable one too (in background)
DSC 4161 - Winter Run
The inflatable bear made quite a popular photo setting for many of the runners who completed the course
IMG 1547 - Winter Run
Exercises don’t stop even though the running is now done!
Its bye from me until the next post. Over and out!