DSC 0256fi - Lumiere London 2018 #2

This, the second post covering the Lumiere 2018 lights festival across London, covers King’s Cross and the South Bank. The former was exceedingly with popular huge swathes of crowds, no doubt in part due to the impressive Waterlicht light and vapour show, as well as Lampounette and Entre les Rangs. The latter had huge queues so I didn’t venture through that.
King’s Cross/Granary Square compared to the 2016 festival was somewhat larger. The expanded area included the Guardian Angels some distance up the Regent’s canal by the gas holders (the exhibits on the internet map couldn’t be squeezed together comfortably and gave the impression the furthest exhibits were almost half way to Camden Town!) Of course there’s been progress since 2016 with the route along the side of the Coal Drops yard now fully open.
DSC 0190 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
I found Waterlicht impressive although I couldn’t decide if this or the previous 2016 installation, Circus of Light, was better. I love Waterlicht however I’m somewhat tempted to learn towards Circus of Light as my ultimate preference.
IMG 0837 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Waterlicht Granary Square King’s Cross
Guardian Angels was nice, set between the canal and the huge gas holders, although invariably with works like this its difficult to get the colours right when bright lights shine from within the pieces.
DSC 0307 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Guardian Angels, St Pancras Lock/King’s Cross Gasholders
The installation, Bottle Festoon, is spread across three areas (King’s Cross, Mayfair, and South Bank) and at here it joined the Guardian Angels by the gas holders.
The queues for Entre les Rangs were long hence I simply enjoyed the artwork from the perimeter area.
DSC 0208 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Entre les Rangs Cubitt Park King’s Cross
Aether was a good light show in the old goods yard shed. Its by Architecture Social Club with Max Cooper.
DSC 0258 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Aether in the old goods yard shed King’s Cross
IMG 0859 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Another view of Aether
DSC 0336 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
DOT Pancras Square
A lot of people say they love DOT, however its clearly designed for a particular type of ability and excludes people like me so I can’t make a comment on it other than it did seem very popular. I caught sight of a little kid running out from the crowd to touch the light bulbs and festival staff rushing in to stop the kid! That picture will suffice here.
I’ve left Upperground out as its a permanent installation and part of the King’s Cross/St Pancras passenger subway network.
IMG 0834 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Lampounette, a fascinating collection of over sized angle poise lamps!
On the South Bank there was The Wave and Bough 1, as well as Bottle Festoon, Thames Pulse and the London Eye among the exhibits. The latter well, its not exactly an eligible installation since it always has light shows often in snych withe County Hall too. The Thames Pulse one really needs to be on the north side of the river to view it properly although it could be fairly reasonably seen by looking up from the riverside path right by the Mondrian Hotel.
DSC 0380 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
The Wave, from Denmark, on the South Bank
DSC 0412 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Another view of The Wave
Bough 1 at the Oxo Tower’s Bargehouse is another installation that has more than one location. The other is at South Audley Street.
DSC 0425 - Lumiere London 2018 #2
Bough 1, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower
Initial feedback suggests the South Bank installations are somewhat disappointing, The Wave being the only real highlight on offer.
Lumiere London 2018 – Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 January

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Hello! I’ve covered my experience of Lumiere 2018 here: http://jenikya.com/blog/2018/01/london-lumiere-2018.html
I also found South Bank a little dull except for ‘The Wave’ and ‘Grey Matters’ in Leake Street Tunnel. The London Eye is always fun lit up, but I’ve seen this more than a dozen times now. The pyramids on top of the theatre were ok but difficult to really see. The foot animation was just a series of snapshots, and I think you either like feet or don’t and I’m in the latter category. OSC-L projected onto the Gallery tower was another meh one. Bottle Festoon was the same everywhere, and Sea Containers building and the OXO one are permanent installations anyway. Oh, and ‘Raspberry Ripple’ was projected onto a building and looked blurry. I thought some of the ones in 2016 were better ultimately and felt they didn’t need to be so spread out.


I agree with your sentiments. The Waterloo exhibits were a let down (apart from Leake St.) I don’t really care much for claiming permanent installations as part of a festival, that’s why I didn’t cover any of these. We clearly both agree 2016 was better! You have covered the 2018 Lumiere well in your blog. Thanks again