IMG 0278fi - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2

Canary Wharf Winter Lights this year runs from Tuesday 16 to Saturday 27 January. This is the second post showing a selection of the exhibits there, especially those that were not covered in yesterday’s post.
There are 33 installations in this, the fourth (or maybe the fifth) Winter Lights at Canary Wharf. The pictures are from today (17 January) with one from the 16th. Yesterday’s pictures were of relatively easy pictures being mostly indoor artworks – today’s consists of the much harder pictures – because the light and contrast was more difficult on these outdoor installations or in very dark indoor places.
DSC 0886 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Intrude in Jubilee Park is a bunny installation! These seven metre high rabbits are meant to be a comment on what are seen as out-of-control pests in the artist’s home country of Australia, which are in other countries seen as cuddly pets.
DSC 0896 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Intrude in Jubilee Park
Abstract is a very hard installation to photograph. However its a great installation involving ever moving triangles. These move up and down and lit up in various spectrum and patterns. The blue was the most difficult to do and I have done the best here.
IMG 0178 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2Abstract in Montgomery Square
DSC 0136 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
The Winter Lights board – with the news Russia’s annoyed about Britain scrambling some jets….
DSC 0940 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
These three pictures are of the Pixels installation by Jonas Vorwerk. This was perhaps the most popular for families and kids since all forms of arrangements or shapes could be used, people could sit on them or form castellated walls.
IMG 9981 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
A relaxing scene at Pixels in Adams Plaza
IMG 9986 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Family occasion at Pixels in Adams Plaza
DSC 0994 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Reduced Landscapes in Crossrail Place
DSC 0999 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Her heart is in the right place! Future Fashion in Crossrail Place
DSC 0004 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2    DSC 0005 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Future Fashion was an interesting way of portraying electronic clothes. Actually these are now possible to buy however this one was fashion specific. One of the few interactive installations, it could be operated by use of a touch screen with various options – and one could even send a tweet if they so desired!
DSC 0009 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Polaris by Laurent Font (below) was a nice attempt to replicate the Aurora Borealis. Simple yet effective.
DSC 0087 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Polaris in Cabot Place
Perhaps the best guide to the Winter Lights is that currently featured in The Wharf newspaper. There’s an online version but its not as good and in fact has mistakes. The print edition doesn’t have the slip-ups.
CCI17012018 0002 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #2
Part of the two page feature in The Wharf newspaper (11/02/2018) on the Winter Lights