DSC 0050 - London’s festive sights - spaced out

Happy new year 2018! And another Xmas lights installment! People will think I’m starved of ideas for posts, simply staving off the day admission be made that there are no more useful posts or topics to be published on this blog. How wrong they are! Anyhow I do want to publish this xmas stuff. I enjoyed doing so many photographs, seeing, enjoying discovering the different themes that illustrated a London Christmas.
Admittedly its all hard work too and contrary to assumptions people like me with disabilities are neither lazy nor contrived but in fact work far harder than lots of others, and for little reward. Anyhow this is the last xmas themed post – for now. There’s a bit more wider coverage, more spaced out and generally further away from the areas I usually cover so no pictures on Oxford Street, Piccadilly, Mayfair or whatever this time!
In the space of three whole months London  will have been one huge light festival. Its only going to get better with both Lumiere’s and Canary Wharf’s offerings very soon. Clearly London does both Christmas and illuminations like no other city in the world.
At the time of finishing this post its just after 2.30am on 1st January 2018. The following pics are fresh from Primrose Hill where I ventured for the New Year fireworks. Taking shots of fireworks several miles away with old photography equipment is no mean feat, but here’s a couple of the shots I managed.
IMG 9469 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
Mid way through the fireworks. The Telecom Tower says Welcome to 2018
IMG 9486 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The final crescendo of fireworks as the 2018 display came to a close
DSC 0581 1 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
Lumiere on test? Light show in High Holborn, 1st December 2017
I’m sure some of the Lumiere light shows will have been done on the fly in the past couple of months. These lights have to be tested somehow they don’t just get put the up the first day and ‘hey presto, we’re on!’ Before the 2016 festival began (as the Standard reports) 1.8 London by Janet Echelman was suspended above the famous Oxford Circus crossroads and switched on.
With that in mind, I spotted this light show in High Holborn early December and it may have been a test run for Lumiere. Many people were wondering what it was all about yet there was nothing to indicate its intentions.
DSC 0246 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The xmas tree at Granary Square. Its called Does the Iterative Fit. The artists are Joanne Tatham plus Tom O’Sullivan. The tree is accompanied by an alt Christmas soundtrack.
IMG 6387 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
St Pancras International’s ‘blooming marvellous’ xmas tree. Designed by florist Moyses Stevens, it has 15,000 flowers and took over 1,100 hours to build. There are anemones, amaryllis, dianthus, hydrangeas, orchids and roses, plus petals or pine cones instead of xmas lights.
IMG 6373 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
Close up of St Pancras’ floral xmas tree
DSC 0020 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The giant Santa hat at St Katharine Docks
DSC 0500 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
In contrast to most other parts of London, both Paddington and Liverpool Street stations had xmas trees but seemed quite cheerless places being either totally or almost totally shut down for major engineering works. The view above is Paddington.
IMG 6275 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The space like tower at Winter Wonderland was a new addition in 2017and no doubt it enabled more people to see the bright lights of London. Obviously a more laid back option than the nearby Hangover!
DSC 3413 - London’s festive sights - spaced outHermes in New Bond Street had a great space theme xmas display
DSC 0071 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The xmas tree at the Wellington hospital in St John’s Wood
IMG 9278 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The Shard with its xmas lit summit viewed between the buildings at More London
IMG 9257 - London’s festive sights - spaced out
The top of the Shard rotated through various dazzling light shows each night. The top was in the clouds when I took this shot.