DSC 0974fi - Winter Wonderland scenes #1

A pictorial post showing various scenes taken during visits to Winter Wonderland 2017. During some of my earlier visits I envisaged there was some scope for scenes of a social or humorous nature, hence on the last couple of visits to Winter Wonderland an attempt at focusing more on these kind of genres.
These scenes invariably happen in an instant. I simply tried to capture various scenes and then see if I had caught any that were humorous or had sheer raw expression. Hundreds of shots had to be taken and loads of these were simply rejected because there was nothing of interest. Two visits so far spent focusing on this – just to get say ten to twenty fairly good images, about six or eight hundred have to be taken. The posed shots were the easiest.
IMG 7340 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
This ride is going sooo fast!
IMG 7336 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
Hey you’re waving your arms right in my face!
The camera used is a Canon 7D (no not a 7D Mark II, though I wish!) Lens were the old Tamron 70-300mm. Both considerably ancient in terms of digital camera equipment as is my Nikon D300s (which I didnt use this year at Winter Wonderland.) The Tamron lens are earIy 2000s – not even the later Di grade lens or the more recent Di VC product. I have a very cheaply acquired D3300 which was used for some shots especially portraits. Its the next best thing to having the latest professional grade cameras (Canon 7D MkII, 5D MkIV, or Nikon D500, D850 – as affordability is the question.) The D3300 occasionally does fine on the fast rides even though there’s only nine focus points and its tracking is not terribly good.
IMG 7563 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
Lol! He’s pretty good at avoiding us!
IMG 7566 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
Ha ha! Finally gotcha!
DSC 0949 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
The ever popular Waltzers – strobe lighting in action
Many shots were taken at 6400 ISO, something most photographers would never trust on an old digital camera. The 7D does sometimes excel on that particular ISO and sometimes it too fails badly. I needed to ensure the images were as sharp as they could be. Experience showed using ISO 2500 as my previous accepted maximum, meant shots had to be taken at some distance to avoid blur, but for this particular set and to gain as much sharpness as possible it had to be 6400ISO.
IMG 7482 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
She’ll be coming round the mountain… guy in front dont look exactly good….
IMG 7484 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
Feelin slightly queasy already – the woman too – and there’s four more loops to do!
IMG 6147 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
The really big loop! One woman having fun, the other about to faint by the look of it!
Where it came to using the D3300 its hit rate was very low, but occasionally it did manage some good shots. The 7D on the other hand had a much higher hit rate, the downside being the noise encountered at ISO 6400. I have tried ‘H’ (expanded ISO, aka 12800, on the 7D) and again its not a range I would recommend. With cameras like the D500 or the D850, or even the 5D MkIV, that’s not so much of a problem. I don’t expect I will be able to acquire one of these newer cameras so the7D will have to soldier on.
IMG 7643 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
The Bavarian Village? Better than Skegness!
DSC 0876 - Winter Wonderland scenes #1
Bavarian Village. Once more for the road….
I’ll do another post with some more pictures like these pretty soon. There’s also a post pending on one of the people at Winter Wonderland detailing their specialist work.