DSC 0675fi - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain

This is one of my favourites! Its the Tate Britain’s contribution towards Xmas. For its 120th anniversary year, the Tate Britain decided on something different. The work was created by Alan Kane and is entitled ‘Home for Christmas.’  The decorations consist purely of christmas lights available off the shelf.
The Tate explains it “invited Alan Kane to devise an exciting new work for its iconic façade to mark the Christmas season. This playful commission aims to turn the historic gallery building into a tribute to extraordinary everyday creative expression.” The lights were switched on 2nd December.
DSC 0670 - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain
The building seen from Millbank
Its probably kistch (or as the Standard says, ‘garish,’ but nevertheless it works really well. One could say its a homage to the many homes up and down the country who decorate their front lawns and front facades with no end of xmas lights and decorations (and ultimately trying to outdo one another!)
DSC 0678 - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain
Snowmen, Santas, Angels – and more!
What is amazing is when one looks at the whole scene in general context, it actually has the feel of uniqueness, of being specially commissioned for the building. Its quite hard to envisage that all these lights were simply bought off the shelf, but shows that with a bit of ingenuity and creativity, off the shelf stuff can indeed look anything other than what it really is.
DSC 0681 - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain
The North Pole too. A homage to London’s North Pole perhaps?
IMG 7097 - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain
View straight up by the main gallery entrance
The traditional sense of Christmas is eschewed by the Nativity scene set on the top of the main doors to the Tate. Christmas was originally about this particular aspect, yet as the display shows, the commercial side of Christmas these days takes far more precedence. We can blame the discovery of electricity for giving us artificial light and thus a whole new take on Christmas.
DSC 0692 - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain
Santa doesnt need a sleigh and reindeers, a train’s good enough for him!
IMG 7110 - London's festive sights 2017 - Tate Britain
‘Santa stop here’ sign at the bottom of the stairs to the Tate
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